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Sea freight rate may increase again 2021.12/31

The European route 2022 long-term contract has been signed recently. The shipping industry originally estimated that the new long-term contract for the European route will increase by about 2 to 3 times in 2022. However, the actual contract situation is that the current maximum increase has reached 5 times, far exceeding the market expectations.

Relevant shipping companies said that, the contracts signed on the European route were relatively loose in the past. Now the global shipping industry is a seller’s market. In addition to the shipping company greatly increasing the long-term contract price by 2.5 to 5 times, shipping companies like Hapag-Lloyd requires three years for a signing and is very insistent. Maersk does not sign long-term contracts for general customers, and the binding clauses of the new contracts have also increased significantly. It is reported that the contract price of the newly signed European line, which will begin in January next year (2022), has generally risen to one line of US$7,000 to US$10,000.

On the US route, the sailing from China to the W.C. ports was suspended and some ports were often skipped, which led to tight supply and demand for Mason and CMA CGM, increasing the cost of taking counters. According to the forwarder’s notice: Mason’s price rebounded fiercely again. According to the latest pick-up price, Mason’s regular liner will exceed $40,000, Maison’s overtime and CMA CGM EX1 and EXX will exceed $2.6, and ordinary ships may reach $20,000. According to industry insiders, there will be substantial price increases before the Spring Festival holiday in January.

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