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Glazing Robot

Glazing robots can be used for different working conditions such as glass/metal plate/marble/stone lifting, curtain wall installation, glass manufacturing and processing.

Glazing Robot Introduction:

Glazing robots designed as intelligent manipulator for glazing by DC battery powered, all functions controlled remotely by operator including moving, lifting, extension, tilting, side-moving and vacuum switch. Multiply application offered not only for panels installation on site, but for machine feeding or handling in workshop as well. All movements could be achieved by hydraulic which offered steady working continuously. Special designed side moving unit offered fine positioning during glazing side-shift function, helped the full-loaded machine easily come through narrow aisle and gate. Take basic model WSR400 glass robot for example, it was designed only for the dense or semi-porous materials, robot usually was attached tilting function by cylinder or by mechanism unit. The loads must be within the weight limit and the surface of loads must be dry, non-sharp and flat, the pre-set safety vacuum level was 60%(-60kpa)The glazing robot machine featured of battery powered which make sure that the machine could be applied for glass plate or curtain installation indoors or outdoors without cable connection, it has rear wheel driven part which make the machine self-moved and offered customer with flexible installation or handling method in all working positions. The machine contained hydraulic system, which provided powerful strength for lifting, extension, tilting and side moving, with sensible mechanical valve, all hydraulic cylinder moving speed could be sensible, which could be helpful for fine positioning during installation processing. Different from WSR400, WSR600/WSR800 glazing robots are senior machines with front-wheel driven, which has better road holding and friction force while driving with loads. Moreover, these models improve the controller from manual valves to remote control, intutive interface helps operation easier to find required function, and much helpful to the speed control as well. We have added an extension robot to increase the mounting height. A variety of options are available to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Technical Parameter Table

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