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10 safety precautions for the loading platform 2021.11/24

The loading platform is a variety of temporary operating platforms and operating frames that are often set up on the construction site. It is mainly used to transport materials, so the safety of the loading platform is particularly important.


1. Every time the loading platform is moved, check whether the platform has excessive deformation and whether there are small cracks in the weld.

2. When the loading platform is hoisted to the last lifting point, it should be checked whether the connection point between the platform and the main body meets the design requirements, such as the structural requirements of each node.

3. Whether the tension of the two wire ropes on each side of the loading platform is close, whether one is tight and the other is loose, otherwise, the inverted zipper should be used for adjustment.

4.Whether the railing of the loading platform is firm and whether it is damaged during lifting.

5.The loading platform should be staggered in the vertical direction of the building, that is, the upper and lower positions should be staggered, so as not to hinder the lifting of heavy objects by the tower crane.

6.The loading platform cannot be hung on the balcony and other parts, because the safety of the structure of the balcony and other parts is relatively small, it should be hung on the main beam and other parts of the structure.

7.Whether the railing of the loading platform is firm and whether it is damaged during lifting.

8.The loading platform is transferred to a new location. Before loading the tower crane hook, check all parts. Whether the platform is installed on the main girder is stable and reliable, and whether the steel wire rope is stuck firmly. After all inspections are feasible, the tower crane hook can be unloaded.

9.The outer three sides of the loading platform should be equipped with fence railings. When the lifting component is too long, the end protective grille door should be opened when the length of the platform exceeds the length of the platform. After the component is transported into the building, it should be closed immediately.

10.Before officially using the loading platform, the operating personnel should be given a safety technical education. Explain the matters needing attention when using the loading platform and how to keep in touch with the operator on the platform and the crane driver to prevent accidents.

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