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Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. revenue report
Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. issued a third-quarter results announcement on the evening of October 29, stating that the revenue for the first three quarters of 2020 was approximately 2.474 billion yuan and a year-on-year increase of 71.16%; net profit was approximately 620 million yuan and a year-on-year increase of 39.82%. Overseas demand is gradually picking up, new boom lifts can be expected to increase in quantity, and new products of scissors lifts are continuously launched. In the first half of the year, seven new high-quality electric boom series were launched. The maximum load of the full stroke is 454kg, and the maximum working height covers 24.3m-30.3m, which can meet the strict requirements of environmental protection emissions from the State Grid, high-speed rail, and airports.
2020-11-13 MORE

Shenxi Machinery Group will participate the Bauma China 2020 during 24-27 November. Due to the epidemic, overseas customers may not able to meet at Shanghai Bauma, but we will meet with you online through live broadcast and look forward to your attention. We will not only share our company's exhibition information with you, but also other relevant information about construction machinery products such as construction hoist, suspended platforms, loading platform, mast climber and so on at the Bauma.

2020-11-11 MORE
Zoomlion construction hoist and tower crane report

On June 9th, the reporter of E-company learned from Zoomlion that the company's tower crane production and sales exceeded 2,000 units in May, an increase of over 67% year-on-year compare with last year.The construction hoist elevator production and sales exceeded 1,000 units, an increase of nearly 100% year-on-year, and both set new historical highs.The company said that the new high in production and sales is due to the company's series of new products that continue to improve market competitiveness, and the operation of the first phase of the smart factory has brought production efficiency improvements.

In addition, with the rise of prefabricated buildings, market demand for tower cranes, especially medium and large tower cranes, continues to increase.

2020-07-23 MORE
The 30th Anniversary ceremony of Shenxi Machinery Co., LTD.

The 30th Anniversary ceremony of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. and the International Forum of High-altitude Construction Industry were held in Xizhou Hotel on 21ST November. The former Deputy Mayor of Wuxi City, the former Party Committee leader of Jiangsu Provincial Construction Department, the Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the Chairman of China Infrastructure Leasing Contract Association, the former Party Secretary of Shenyang Jianzhu University, Experts from the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and more than 400 people from the domestic industry gathered together to share ideas of the development direction of the global high-altitude construction industry, and to show the industry's new technologies and products.

At conference, many awards were presented. For example, "the oldest hoist selection", "The Potential Customer", "The Best Customer", "The Strategic Partner", "The best Employees of Shenxi Machinery Co., LTD", etc.

During the activity, Cai Donggao, Sun Jia, Wang Tiezhu, and Wang Deli introduced the four representative products “S”, “H”, “E”, “N” of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. by 3D technology.

Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise in high-altitude construction machinery industry in China, its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions. The industry forum is specially held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shenxi Machinery. It provided an opportunity and platform to many senior experts and leaders in High-altitude Construction industry to communicate and share with each other. At the forum, Wu Yuhou --- the current Director of International Cooperation Joint Laboratory-Ministry of Education, Wang Donghong --- the Vice President of China Academy of Building Research Institute of Construction Mechanization, Mr. Samer Harb --- the Managing Director of XPLATFORM LLC, Xue baoxin --- the Editor-in-chief of Temporarily Installed Suspended Access Equipment, Rainbow Zhao --- the General Manager of Alimak Group-Avanti China and Pang Guoliang --- the expert of artificial intelligence research group of China construction industry, etc., made the speeches with the topic: Relying On Cooperation Between University And Enterprise To Enhance The Implementation Capability Of“The Belt and Road”Strategy, New Trends And Technologies On Global Construction Machinery, Temporarily Installed Suspended Access Equipment: Standard Implementation Of On-site Installation And Operation, The Application Of Service Lift In Offshore Wind Power and Reconstruction of Digital Value of Traditional Enterprises in the DT Era, respectively.

In addition, President Wu Yuhou also presented Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. a silk banner as an award. He praised Shenxi is a model in the industry. It focuses on the cooperation between University and Enterprise and the pragmatic development, and it makes great achievement in the industry.

The 30th anniversary celebration and forum have been well received by leaders and customers from all walks of life. Thanks also to the staff who providing simultaneous interpretation.

Thirty years have passed and Spring is coming, standing at a new starting point and facing new historical opportunities. Let's make Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. great again!

You can also review the whole anniversary ceremony video as below:

2019-11-27 MORE
30th Anniversary of Shenxi Machinery Co., LTD

Grateful to have you, all the way

With 30 years history and persistence, Shenxi starts from the ingenuity and quality and concentrates on the customer. We will make every product wholeheartedly and achieve a win-win situation for our partners.

2019-10-31 MORE
The recommended brand of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA)

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China and better publicize the development achievements of the construction machinery industry in the past 70 years, China Construction Machinery Association organized a celebration of the brilliant achievements in the construction machinery industry.

In this selection event, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. and its general manager Wu Jie were both named. In all SHENXI MACHINERY Co., Ltd has received 4 awards.

1. The Heavy-Duty Suspended Platform is selected as the outstanding product of the China Construction Machinery Industry.

The ZLP series of temporary installed suspended platform developed by Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly used for exterior wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multistory buildings. It can also be used for elevator installation, large storage tanks, bridges, dams and other construction operations. ZLP series suspended platforms can be made from steel or aluminum alloy. The length of the platform can be combined according to customer requirements. It’s safe, reliable, reusable and easy to operate. Therefore, ZLP series high-access suspended platform has the advantages of reducing construction cost and improving work efficiency. It is trusted and favored by users with its excellent quality and professional service. With the increase of popularity and credibility, the products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as Singapore, Russia, UAE, Chile and Peru. The company's products have reached European standards and passed CE certification.

2. Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is voted the Influential Enterprise of the China Construction Machinery Industry.

Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. was built in the 1988 and is the birthplace of Chinese high-altitude Suspended Platforms and Glazing Robot. After nearly 30 years of rapid development, Shenxi has become a leading company in China's aerial work machinery industry. After three evaluations by Chinese Construction Machinery Industry Association, the company's comprehensive strength ranks first in the domestic industry. Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is the executive director unit of China Construction Machinery Industry Association. It is also the research and development center and production base of the suspended platform and glazing robot. It is also a high and new technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, which is responsible for the industry Standards development, testing and training work. It has also undertaken the research work on national key projects such as the National Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund.

It is truly to say, the win of the “ the Influenced Enterprise of the China Construction Machinery Industry” is deserved.

3. Wu jie, the general manager of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is named as “The Outstanding contributor of China Construction Machinery Industry”.

Wu Jie, the project leader, the senior engineer, the senior economist, the expert of ISO International Working Group, the expert of Chinese construction machinery. He is currently the general manager of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd..

In the process of enterprise management and R&D, he paid attention to the protection of intellectual property rights in especial. He adhered to the road of technology leadership and independent innovation. The company has 34 effective national patents, among which he personally applied for more than 20 patents and published 4 papers. In 2011 the invention patent of "Working Organs for Suspended Platform Hoist" won the 4th Wuxi Patent Award for Excellence.

4. Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is voted as the typical case of “Win the intellectual property dispute lawsuit in USA”.

In March 2008, Shenxi's products traveled across the ocean to participate in the exhibition of construction machinery products in Las Vegas, USA. On the fourth day of the exhibition, Shenxi  suddenly received a prosecution summons, which issued by the US Nevada State Court, from Carrier and the TRACTEL Group, the world leading engineering competition for aerial work machinery. They sued China Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. for the improper imitation and unfair competition of the design of the hoist -- the core components of the suspended platform. Although Shenxi’s products covered still 0% of the US market, from a long-term perspective, this is a lawsuit to win the future market competition. If Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. won, the global market would open up for Shenxi’s products. Therefore, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. immediately entered the response procedure. Although Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd., which responded for the first time and is not familiar with US law. It has good authority to fully prove that the products are its own research and development. Finally Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. decided to hire the US senior intellectual property lawyer Mei Yuhua and teamed up with REEDSMITH, one of the top ten law firms in the United States. It formed a strong team of lawyers to deal with the lawsuit.

During the lawsuit, the engineers and key personnel of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. flew to Hong Kong to accept the other lawyer's inquiry. They not only came up with the original record of the company's scientific research and development, but also arbitrarily used the evidence of their own research and development to refute the unreasonableness of the other lawyer. The plaintiff found that the defendant had reason to win the case, so that the plaintiff had once proposed mediation. For it, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. categorically refused. Under the planning of the operation, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. boldly proposed to the US court: "On the plaintiff's first allegation, a summary trial is required." On August 17, 2010, based on the evidence submitted by the plaintiff and the defendant, the US Federal Court Judge conducted a summary trial that Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. won the case.

2019-09-23 MORE
Busy season for the industry

Our company's orders are relatively concentrated between April and September. During this time, we are under pressure with high production requirements.

TIP: For customers with strict delivery schedules, we recommend that you could put the orders in advance or avoid the peak.

2019-09-17 MORE
Qualification certificate
All CE certificates on ZLP suspended platform, SC construction hoist, STC mast climbing work platform can be verified on the official website.
For details, please visit: HOME > why to buy > Certificate
2019-09-17 MORE
Our main customer group
  1. National distributors, leasing companies, large builders.
  2. For some markets, for example, Belarus, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam etc., we have the minimum order quantity requirement on suspended platform.
  3. When the amount of purchases reaches a certain amount in the current year, we can offer you the exclusive agent or regional agent right.

For details, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

2019-09-17 MORE
How do we price our products such as suspended platform, construction hoist and mast climber?

We provide customers with the highest quality products with the most reasonable price.

1. High quality raw materials

  • Fixed raw material supplier (For Example: The steel wire rope for suspended platform is special type. The brand decides the quality. It should be “FASTEN”, although It is more expensive. Other brands are not good enough.)
  • Advanced technology for raw material processing (nitrogen treatment)

2. Professional technology for production

3. Comprehensive and thoughtful after-sales service

  • Equipment maintenance
  • For the complete machine service, we provide customers with one year warranty.
  • Detailed installation video and manual

Based on the above principles and in order to meet the necessary production costs and needs, we will set the most reasonable price to seek to establish a long-term win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

2019-09-17 MORE
What are the advantages of the Mast Climbing Work Platform compared to the suspended platform or scaffold?

In the 21st century, lifting platforms for high-altitude operations can be widely used. Once the only aerial work equipment - scaffold began to be slowly replaced by high-altitude suspended platforms and mast climbing work platforms/mast climber. So, what advantages does the mast climber have over the suspended platforms/cradles or scaffold?

Scaffold refers to the various supports that are built on the construction site for workers to operate. It also solves the vertical and horizontal transportation during the construction. With the emergence of a large number of modern large-scale building systems, fastener-type steel scaffold has been unable to meet the needs of construction development. It is imperative to vigorously develop and promote the application of new high-altitude operations. Practice has proved that the using of scaffold generally exists many defects, especially in high-rise buildings: the use of more materials, long erection time, the height of the operating platform is not convenient for construction operations, construction materials are not easy to transport and so on.

Suspended platforms/cradles, as an advanced auxiliary construction technology, are accepted by more and more building exterior construction units and used in more construction projects. In particular, in recent years, there have been more and more high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, which have enabled the suspended platforms to be rapidly promoted. However, the suspended platform also has many problems such as unstable frame, short frame length, limitation on platform width, high risk during the operation and so on.

The mast climbing work platform is the safest aerial work equipment over the world. It can replace steel-, bamboo-, wooden-scaffold and suspended cradle. Due to its flexibility, safety and efficiency, it is widely used in steel structure construction, high-altitude equipment installation, equipment maintenance and other industries.

A. Compared with scaffold:

(1) Mast climbing work platform adopts a fully enclosed steel mesh and shaped scaffolding board, so its safety performance can be greatly improved and the risk of erection work is reduced.

(2) Mast climber can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of high-altitude fall accidents, and can realize the mechanization and intelligence of the work.

(3) It is safe and reliable to use, and it is more convenient to manage.

(4) It has a long service life and a large bearing capacity, so it can be also used in harsh environments.

B. Compared with the suspended platform/cradle: 

(1) The mast climbing work platform can carry people and objects. 

(2) It has strong stability, strong bearing capacity and wide operating surface.

(3) Mast climber is comfortable to operate. It is safer and more efficient.

The world has been producing and developing the mast climbing work platform for decades. And many application technologies are quite mature. As far as the domestic market is concerned, there are more and more manufacturers of mast climbing work platforms. A number of products among them are independently researched and developed by domestic enterprises. The product technology is mature, the working range is large, and the overall performance is safe and stable.

a. Safe and stable design

a) The dynamic safety and stability analysis of the mast climbing work platform, from the practical point of view, mainly draws on the method in the crane design specification to analyze and calculate the dynamic safety and stability of the mast climbing work platform. It also uses the "stability coefficient method" to deduct the theoretical formula and establish mathematics. The model considers the effects of load, wind, and inertial forces in the horizontal direction on stability based on the original stability function.

b) The mast climbing work platform is sometimes subjected to a large external force when it is not in operation. Unlike the lifting equipment, it is generally considered that the crane boom is relatively long and can be lowered to the ground or other protective measures, so that the safety and stability of the machine are not considered. Even if it cannot be placed on the ground, it is also possible to increase the anti-overturn stability by increasing the weight. However, the mast climbing work platform is different. If the weight is too large, the boom of the lifting platform will tilt backwards when it is lifted up. Therefore, it is necessary to check its own stability, that is, to ensure that the center of gravity of the aerial work platform falls within the rectangle formed by the chassis connection. In order to ensure a certain degree of safety, it is stipulated that the pressure on the same side tire can not be less than 15% of its own weight.

b. Perfect function

a) As the actual use continues to increase, the functional requirements of the mast climbing work platform for safety and stability are constantly improving. Designers have made breakthroughs in many fields. For example, arm frame amplitude jitters, boom telescopic noise, arm frame expansion instability, four-wheel steering synchronization, electrical leveling, outrigger detection technology, up and down amplitude in-position buffer control, rotation and so on. Most of today's high-end equipment is equipped with anti-tip devices, soft contact anti-collision devices, and the use of elector-hydraulic proportional valve stepless transmission system to further improve the safety and stability of products.

c. Load test

a) Each mast climbing work platform will complete the corresponding static load and dynamic load test before access to market. It helps to ensure the safety and stability of the product within the range of various angles and height limits. At the same time, based on the test, the manufacturer will also inspect the various components and systems of the product to ensure that the design function and safety are consistent with the actual product.

In addition, the mast climbing work platform has superior practicability and versatility, which can be mainly embodied as:

a. It is possible to set the tower crane arm and the construction elevator, etc., and it is very simple to set up.

b. It is applicable to arc-faced building structures and multi-angle building structures

key words: suspended platform/cradle, scaffold, mast climbing work platform, mast climber's advantages, comparison

2019-09-09 MORE
How to judge the quality of suspended platform?

In the market, you can find lots of suppliers of suspended platform with different kinds of price. But almost the specification of all the suspended platform from different suppliers are the same, no matter low or high price. It makes the clients very confused. So, it is quite important to know how to judge the quality of suspended platform. 

Our Shenxi company with over 30 years history and experience, feel honored to give you some suggestions as following for the judgement. In the same time, hope it helps you to find out what price deserves what quality.

1. The structural components of suspended platform

The structural components of suspended platform are platform and suspension mechanism. The following factors influence the quality and price.


Heavy Hammer 

Counter Weight

2. The Power Drive Unit of suspended platform

The power driving unit of the suspended platform is electric traction hoist. It is the crucial component.The quality decides the safety directly.


3. Safety Lock of suspended platform

The safety lock is the fall arrest device. It is related to the operators' safety directly.


4. The Electric Control Box of suspended platform


5. The Steel Wire rope of suspended platform

The steel wire rope for suspended platform is special type. The brand decides the quality.

It should be “FASTEN”, although It is more expensive.  

Other brands are not good enough.

6. The Electric Cable of suspended platform

Electric Cable

Pressing Wire

A. Thickness of the cooper core, not of the cable decides the quality. Some suppliers use the cable with only thicker rubber coat, but thinner cooper core to pretend thick electric cable. 

B. There should be Insulating shield for each core. 

C. Good thickness of the rubber coat

D. Proper thickness of cooper core for different voltage and working height

In conclusion, all above are the main price influence factors. Hope they can help you to judge the quality and find what you need and realize the product deserves how much you pay.

2019-09-09 MORE
The distribution of China manufactures of suspended platform and main brands

Wuxi City in Jiangsu province,located in the north area of China, is the production base of suspended platform. The local factories have more technical level and production and creation capacity. 

In the recent years, some new manufacturers are found in the province , mainly Shandong, Hebei, located in the South China, and develop at high speed. It breaks the pattern of manufacturers focus in Wuxi city, the North China. According to the export data of suspended platform in the year of 2018, the layout plan is as following:

The main brands are shown in the following table.

We can find in the table, there are over 4 trading companies (No. Some years ago, mainly the manufacturers exported the suspended platform. It signifies a new trend. 

At the same time, we can find there is another development trend for the traditional manufacturers . Their products become diversified. Take our Shenxi for example. You can find the following photos of our old logo and new logo. For the new one, we highlight our brand name and it is taken on the new meaning according to the requirements of sustainable development. “S” means the products hang by steel wire rope, such as suspended platform. The shape of “H”looks like the mast section. It is on behalf of the construction hoist/elevator/lift, building hoist, mast climbing work platform/mast climber, material hoist. “E” means erection and it represents the products such as crane. It is a trend for the suspended platform companies to carry out the diversified development and realize the companies sustainable finally.

2019-09-09 MORE
Tip: What kind of Synthetic oil should I use for the suspended platform hoist?

Q: What kind of Synthetic oil should I use for the suspended platform hoist?

A: Recommend Brand for suspended platform hoist: MOBIL Synthetic Oil, Oil No.: 220#.

    Specification: 40℃ Kinematic viscosity ( mm/s): 198~242, AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers  Association ) Viscosity Grade: 5EP, ISO VG: VG220. AGMA and ISO VG are the important index. Oil quality level: Antioxidation, Rust protection, Antiwear ( for extreme pressure),at least f medium duty.

2019-09-05 MORE
SHENXI Won the Fourth Multinational Lawsuit

  Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd., which won the first case of international intellectual property rights in Chinese high access machinery industry, won again at this time!

  The German Tractel Greifzug Co., Ltd. (Tractel) sued China Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. (SHENXI) for the improper imitation of the design of the hoist. In addition, it thought that the European Union Intellectual Property Office gave unprincipled protection to the China SHENXI and therefore it sued the European Union Intellectual Property Office as second defendant. Yesterday the reporter was informed that the German Third Court has recently ruled on the matter. After the trial, it does not constitute a patent infringement and SHENXI owns the intellectual property of the design. The litigation was eventually rejected. The court also ruled that the another lawsuit filed by Tractel for the inappropriate proof which was provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Office was also revoked. The proof was valid and the European Union Intellectual Property Office was fair. In this multinational lawsuit which lasted more than two years, SHENXI achieved a remarkable success. It means that company has not only from passive response to active attack, but also as a Chinese company to vindicate the rights of the EU Intellectual Property Office.

  Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in the China’s high access machinery and suspended platform Industry. About 50% of its products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions. In the process of exporting, SHENXI has been sued by four foreign companies of United States and Germany in 2008, 2013 and 2015. It was by compelled involved in trouble of international intellectual property lawsuits. During this period, SHENXI dared to take actions. It has actively organized a lawyers’ group to confront the trouble. For this reason, after the trials of the US, Spanish and German courts, the lawsuits filed by these foreign companies were rejected. They lost their lawsuits, or withdrew the suits. Therefore, during 8 years Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. has won all three lawsuits of multinational intellectual property.

  In early 2015, the German Tractel Greifzug Co., Ltd. filed a lawsuit against China Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. in the local court of Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Tractel claimed that the core component - hoist model of SHENXI which were sold in the EU countries imitated the design of their company’s products. It is therefore an infringement. The Tractel required SHENXI to immediately recall its products in the local market and claimed for compensation. Although the lawsuit was soon rejected by the court, the Tractel was still reluctant and angry. In November of that year, SHENXI was again sued by Tractel to the German third court which specializes in intellectual property cases. The European Intellectual Property Office was also sued as a "second defendant", and Tractel requested the EU Intellectual Property Office to pay for the two lawsuits.

  Under this circumstance, SHENXI has contacted with the EU Intellectual Property Office immediately. They appointed relevant teams to respond to the suits actively. The staff of EU Intellectual Property Office went to SHENXI for investigation and evidence collection. Instead of protecting Chinese enterprises, it was determined that SHENXI’s products are the third generation products and they are independently researched and developed by their own technical team. They have registered trademarks in the bureau. Therefore, the unreasonable request made by the Tractel was ignored. In the name of intellectual property litigation maliciously the plaintiff prevented products of SHENXI machinery from entering the EU market. To deal with it, SHENXI, who has many experiences before, once again organized a team of lawyers to fight. At this time, China suspended platform company adopted a different way to response. SHENXI utilized the "contradictions" between the EU Intellectual Property Office and Tractel for defending itself. The Intellectual Property Office is the most authoritative in all intellectual property fields in the EU, so that it has the strongest defense statement which was submitted to the German Third Court. The Intellectual Property Office appointed the Appeals Committee as a plenipotentiary to defend.

  Within two years, the German Third Court held three sessions to hear the plaintiff and the defendant's opinions. SHENXI and the EU Intellectual Property Office stepped in unison and cooperated with each other and severely refute the opposing party’s lies in the defense. Finally, the German Third Court officially rejected the lawsuit of the German Tractel Greifzug, and the expenses fell on the plaintiff. At that point, the multinational intellectual property lawsuit has finally settled.

  Wu Jie, the chairman and general manager of SHENXI suspended platform, said that in recent years, foreign companies have often provoked multinational intellectual property lawsuits, and domestic companies have frequently encountered various types of sues. In fact, it is a new trend of international trade protectionism. The international intellectual property dispute has become a veritable trade protection attack and defense war. Therefore, domestic enterprises must also focus on building soft power, establishing an internationalized management concept of intellectual property rights, and scientifically formulating international marketing strategies while they are upgrading their core competitiveness at the technical level. Only internal and external forces can complement each other, and management and technology can be combined with each other. So that we can keep invincible in the trade war. The experiences of SHENXI in winning the case has not only accumulated rich experience for the company to “become globally” and to occupy the international market, but also played a good demonstration role for domestic enterprises to carry out transnational rights protection.

For Chinese version visit:multinational lawsuit 

2019-08-12 MORE
Introduction of Jiangsu Province High Access Suspended Platform Association

    “Jiangsu High Access Suspended Platform Association” is a high altitude Machinery and Suspended Platform industry association, which is approved by the Civil Affairs Department of Jiangsu Province. On January 14, 2015, it officially obtained the social group legal person registration certificate, which is approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department. The chairman of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is the legal representative of the association.

    Jiangsu Province is a famous national construction province and the birthplace of Chinese suspended platforms. In order to organize the research and development, design, processing, manufacturing, leasing, installation, maintenance and use of high access  suspended platforms in our province, as well as inspection, supervision, training and other institutions, to strengthen the self-discipline management of the high access suspended platform industry in the province, to reestablish and strengthen communication channel between the government and the management departments to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the suspended platform industry, in early 2014, including Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi Little Swan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and High Access Machinery Technology Research Institute. initiated the application for the establishment of the “Jiangsu High access Suspended Platform Association”, which was strongly supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. After half a year of preparatory work, in June, 2014 the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department approved the establishment of the preparatory group for the Jiangsu Provincial High access  Suspended Platform Association.

    On November 8, 2014, Jiangsu Provincial High access  Suspended Platform Association held the first general meeting and inaugural meeting in Wuxi Xizhou Garden Hotel. 67 related industry enterprises in the province became the first member units of the association. The meeting elected Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. as the first president unit of Jiangsu High Access  Suspended Platform Association, and elected 6 units including Wuxi Little Swan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., High Access Machinery Technology Research Institute, Nantong Yubo Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Golden Eagle Engineering Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Tianren Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. As the vice president units. Li Shisheng, Yu Huiye, Xie Renhong, Xu Sili, Sun Jia and Huang Shoufa were elected as vice presidents and Shen Jiaqi was elected as the Deputy Secretary-General.

    The purpose of the association is to serve enterprises, governments and users and to promote the development of the high access  suspended platform industry in Jiangsu Province. 

    The mission of the Association is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its members, to reflect the wishes and requirements of its members, to coordinate the internal relations of the industry, to implement national laws, regulations and policies, to formulate regulations and appointments, to put forward policy recommendations on promoting the development of the industry to assist the government in carrying out macroeconomic development, to manage the preliminary work of the industry development plan, and to play as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises.

    The association will closely contact with enterprises and users, actively serve enterprises and users, and establish associations with domestic industry associations and enterprise in statistics, exhibitions, product development, marketing, organizational restructuring, customer service, quality, consulting, and price. The extensive contacts make a due contribution to improving the economic efficiency and the product quality of enterprises.

Association position
Wu Renshan
Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd.

From 1967 to 1983,  the director of Wuxi County Dongting Cold-working Factory, Wuxi County Wool Spinning Factory and Wuxi County Socks Factory;

From 1984 to 1997, the director of Wuxi Shenxi Construction Machinery Factory;

From 1997 to 2006, the chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Shenxi ConstructionSince 2006, the chairman of Jiangsu Shenxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 

Wu Renshan, Senior economist, engaged in high access  suspended platform industry for many years, has a number of patents.He has participated in the "JGJ 150-2008" quality inspection procedures for window cleaning installations, JGJ 202-2010 "Safety Technical Specifications for Building Construction Scaffolding" and formulated many other Technical standards.

Li Shisheng
60Wuxi Little Swan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Vice president

From 1980 to 1981, engineer in the Zhenjiang Marine Main Engine Factory of the Ministry of Communications;

From 1981 to 1996, the director and secretary of the Nanjing Line Equipment Factory branch of the Ministry of Water and Electricity;

From 1996 to 2003, senior engineer and CEO of Jiangsu Sweet Group;

From 2003 to 2008, the vice chairman of the Jiangsu Little Swan Group;

From 2003 to 2008, the Chairman of Jiangsu Little Swan Co., Ltd.;

Since 2009, the chairman and general manager of Wuxi Little Swan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yu Huiye

High Access Machinery Technology Research Institute

Vice president

1982-1992, Chief of Technology, Beijing Construction and Transportation Machinery Factory;

From 1992 to 2008, the chief engineer of Beijing Beichen (Group) Machinery Factory;

2008-2013, Chief Engineer of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd.;

Since 2013, the general manager of High access  Mechanical Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Since 2005, he has served as an expert of the Beijing Municipal Government's procurement evaluation expert database, a member of the National Standardization Technical Committee for Lifting Work Platforms, a member of the Expert Committee on the Revision of the National Occupational Classification of Machinery Industry, a library of experts from the China Construction Industry Association Building Safety Branch, the experts, senior professional appraisers of national vocational skills appraisal, the supervisor of national quality supervisors of vocational skills appraisal, and the Editor-in-Chief of China's high access  suspended platform Website.

Xie Renhong
47Nantong Yubo Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Vice president

In 2001, the Technology Minister of Beijing Kaibo Window Cleaner;

In 2007, the Chairman of Beijing Zhenghua Antai Construction Machinery Construction Co., Ltd.;

In 2010, the Chairman of Nantong Yubo Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.;

In 2013, the chairman of Zhongyubo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In 2010, he was awarded the honorary title of “National Outstanding Entrepreneur”;

Since 2006, he has been a member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Lifting Platforms; since 2012, he has served as a member of the CPPCC National Committee of Rugao; he has participated in the drafting and preparation of GB19155 "High access  Suspended Platform" and GB19154 "Window Cleaner" industry standards.

Xu Sili
30Lianyungang Golden Eagle Engineering Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.
Vice president

From 2006 to 2007, the Assistant Director of Mechanical Technology Section of Ren Jiangtian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.;

From 2007 to 2010, he was engaged in the rental of lifting equipment such as engineering scaffolding, tower cranes and lifts;

Since 2010, the manager of Lianyungang Golden Eagle Engineering Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Huang Shoufa
59Jiangsu Tianren Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.
Vice president

From 1976 to 1978, the deputy director of the Changzhou Construction Engineering Management Office.

1978, the deputy director of the Changzhou Construction Engineering Management Office.

From 1978 to 1983, the deputy director of Changzhou Machinery Construction Office.

From 1983 to 1995, the deputy director of the Office of Changzhou Construction Engineering Corporation.

From 1995 to 2002, the Director of Safety Equipment Division of Changzhou Construction Engineering Bureau (Head Office) and the Director of Changzhou Construction Industry Safety Supervision Station.

Since 2002, the chairman of Jiangsu Tianren Construction Co., Ltd. and the legal person of Jiangsu Tianren Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.

Sun Jiamale
31Southeast University Postdoctoral Station
Vice president

From 2000 to 2004, Student of Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology;

From 2004 to 2007, Master student of Shenyang Jianzhu University ;

From 2007 to 2014, Doctoral student of Dalian University of Technology;

Since 2014, Doctor of Southeast University Postdoctoral Workstation.

He mainly researched the technology of leveling automatic control of the suspended platform, participated in the completion of the national “Eleventh Five-Year” technology and technical support project (2008BAJ09B07). Currently he is responsible for completing the national “Twelfth Five-Year” technology and technical support project (2011BAJ02B03). He has 5 patents in the industry, more than 10 papers, and educated more than 10 graduate students.

For details please visit: Jiangsu Province High Access Suspended Platform Association 

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The Analysis of the Trade Situation of China's High Access Machinery and suspended platform Industry in 2018

In 2018, the global economic situation is raging and the global trade situation is tightening. The political turmoil in the Eurozone, Brexit and other risk events keeps on the rise. In the context of such international trade situation, despite the negative impact of the international economic downturn, especially the negative impact of US trade policy, have an adverse effect on the China's aerial work machinery and suspended platform/gondola industry, the performance of China's high access Machinery and suspended platform industry is remarkable. Compared with 2017,the export trade has a significant growth and the overall situation of export trade has increased. To the end of December, according to the data statistics of the major manufacturers which use the the HS code 8428.90 for exporting, high access Machinery and suspended platform enterprises earned a foreign exchange of 105.364 million US dollars. The following is the analysis of the export trade of China's major high access Machinery and suspended platform enterprises from January to December in 2018.

1.Monthly exports

First, let's look at the specific situation of the monthly export volume of the high access Machinery industry from January to December in 2018 (see Table 1). From the perspective of time distribution, it maintains a similar trend as in previous years. In February, due to the Chinese New Year holiday, it had the lowest sales in the whole year. The sales in the second half year were higher than in the first half, the highest sales were in August and September. The percentage of amount in the first half year and the second half are respectively 37.54% and 62.46%. The difference between the rates have a slight increase trend year by year. At the same time, the quantity of sales also have the same characteristics. The peak season of sales of high access Machinery and suspended platform enterprises is mainly concentrated in the second half.

Percentage of Amount
Percentage of Quantity

Table 1: Monthly total export in 2018

Compared with 2017, we found that although the total export quantity has increased by 10.9%, the total amount of money has increased by 75.2% (See Figure 1 and 2 for details). Above all, the increase of the quantity is lower than the amount of money, so the average price of products has risen. Among them, the sales of suspended platforms was 25.924 million US dollars, accounting for 2.46% of the aerial work machinery industry.

Figure 1: The monthly comparison of export quantity in 2017, 2018

Figure 2: The monthly comparison of export amount in 2017, 2018

2.The layout of export market 

 In 2018, China's aerial work machinery was exported to 204 countries and regions. According to the detailed statistics of the export area (see Table 2), the total number of exporting countries ranked in the top 10 accounted for 54.24%, and the amount of money accounted for nearly 39.5%. The United States and Japan are in the top two, South Korea has fallen out of the top ten, and Southeast Asian countries with economic prosperity in recent years accounted for four seats. The suspended platform industry (see Figure 3) is mainly based on the countries in Eastern Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asian. Especially after the Ukrainian war, the market revived and the import volume jumped to the fourth place. Iran, which has been sanctioned by the international economy, has a sluggish economy and a low number of imports, which is in stark contrast to Ukraine. From Figure 4, it can be seen that the sales amount ratio in the Eastern European market is lower than the quantity ratio. The price of the suspended platform export industry in the region has become the lowest, and it has laid a hidden worry for the development of the market.

Sales Amount

Table 2: Distribution of Chinese main export areas of high access work machinery in 2018

Figure 3

3United Arab Emirates

Table 3: Distribution of main export areas of Chinese suspended platform in 2018

Figure 4: The comparison of sales and quantity of suspended platform’s export

3.The distribution of customs declaration port and transportation methods

From the customs declaration port, the export value of Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen and other six major ports have accounted for more than 75%. Shanghai port has accounted for 35.5%. From the analysis of trade patterns, it is dominated by general trade, which is accounting for 60%. The mode of export transportation is mainly by sea.

Customs port
1Shanghai custom
2Shenzhen custom
3Nanjing custom
4Qingdao custom
5Tianjin Customs District
6Ningbo Guan District

4.The performance and situation of China's suspended platform manufacturers

Wuxi city in Jiangsu Province is the main base for the production and export of suspended platform and its components in China. Wuxi manufacturers of suspended platform also have a complete supply chain, high level of technical research, production and knowledge innovation in the entire industry. In 2018,  as Table 4 shows, the total sales amount of southern enterprises represented by Wuxi enterprises are still better than those of northern enterprises. However, Wuxi enterprises only have 4 seats in the top 10, and the northern enterprises occupy 6 seats. Compared with previous years, many traditional Wuxi enterprises have fallen out of the top 10. Low prices are the consistent means of competition for northern enterprises , but price wars will definitely make a negative impact on the industry. The new situation have sounded the alarm for Wuxi enterprises and even the entire suspended platform industry. Inherent knowledge and technology are in urgent need of innovation, and products must be upgraded. In 2019, Wuxi enterprises and high-altitude industry face severe challenges.

1Shenxi Machinery Co.,Ltd.
2Wuxi Maosong International Trade Co., Ltd.
3Wuxi Rigid Machinery Co.,Ltd.
4Beijing Hemao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
5Wuxi Powerston Technology Co., Ltd


Table 4: The TOP5 of 2018 Chinese suspended platform export enterprise

From: Jing. C. The Analysis of the Trade Situation of China's High Access Machinery and suspended platform Industry in 2018 [J].  High Access Machinery & Suspended Platform, 2018: 25-28.

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Secalt S.A., et al. v. Wuxi Shenxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., No. 10-17007 (9th Cir. 2012)

"Tractel, manufacturer and seller of the Tirak traction hoist, brought suit claiming that Shenxi's hoists infringed the trade dress of the Tractel traction hoist. At issue was whether the Tractel traction hoist qualified for trade dress protection. The court agreed with the district court that Tractel did not meet its burden of establishing non-functionality and affirmed the grant of summary judgment in favor of Shenxi. The court affirmed the district court's award of attorney's fees to Shenxi upon finding that this was an "exceptional" case meriting fees where Tractel's continued prosecution of its claims was held by the district court to be "unreasonable." While the line delineating "exceptional" cases under the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. 1125(a)(3), could be murky, this action fell squarely within the realm of exceptional cases contemplated by the Act. Finally, the court reversed the district court's award of non-taxable costs and certain taxable costs and remanded for further proceedings".--quote from "JUSTIA US Law"

For details please visit: https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/ca9/10-17007/10-17007-2012-02-07.html 

2019-05-11 MORE
SHENXI at conexpo-con/agg&IFPE 2014, LAS Vegas

Venue: LAS Vegas Convention Center,Nevada,USA

Booth No: LVH 204.2

Sample machine: Swing stage, Transport platform, Mast climbing work platform

2018-09-29 MORE
SHENXI at The 115th Canton Fair, Guangzhou

Venue:China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Booth No:4.0H14-15

Sample machine: suspended platform, mast climbing platform/mast climber

2018-09-29 MORE
SHENXI at Bauma China 2014, Shanghai

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Booth No: E-2.470

Sample machine: Swing stage, Construction hoist, Mast climbing work platform, Loading platform

2018-09-29 MORE
SHENXI at BIG 5 SHOW 2015 Dubai

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre

Booth No: Saeed-1 H264-260

Sample machine: Suspension platform, Mast climbing work platform

2018-09-29 MORE
SHENXI at FERIA Construction Trade Show 2015 Chile

Venue:Santiago Exhibition Centre, Chile

Booth No:412-EDAD

Sample machine:BMU gondola, SC Construction hoist, STP Material hoist

2018-09-29 MORE
SHENXI at BAUMA Germany 2019, Munich

Venue: Messe Munich international

Booth No: A1.514B

Sample machine: suspended platform, construction hoist, mast climbing work platform, loading platform

We are honored to be one of the exhibitors at the BAUMA Munich 2019 in Germany, which is the largest construction machinery exhibition all over the word, for every three years. Overseas exhibitors in our industry including Alimak, Geda, SCANCLIMBER, ALBA, MABER, CAMAC, SAECLIMBER, RAXTAR, STROS, XL Industries, FRACO, etc., showing their latest construction hoist, mast climbing work platform, suspended platform, loading platform and so on high access equipment. 

Glad to meet our new and old friends. 

2018-09-29 MORE
SHENXI at The 123th Canton Fair, Guangzhou

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Booth No: 4.0H14-15

Sample machine: ZLP Suspended platform, Loading platform, mast climber

2018-09-29 MORE
A Successful Development

On May 26, 2018, we came to Suzhou Xishan to participate in the company's expansion activities. This development activity allowed us to understand what a team is and what teamwork is. This expansion has allowed each of us to accept the touch of the mind and enhance the realm in varying degrees. Experience first-hand, make the relationship between colleagues more harmonious, more understanding, let the team more cohesive and charismatic. In the development activities, we learned to put ourselves in the place of others for the sake of thinking, empathy, and more understanding and care of things. We firmly believe that after this event, all Shenxi employees will be more confident and passionate in their future work and life.

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