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Construction Hoist

construction hoist is rack and pinion elevator, consisting by base frame, mast, tie in system, cage, anti-fall safety device, cable trolley, enclosure and driving system. Product code: S-construction hoist; Type code: C- rack and pinion

Construction Hoist Introduction:Our SC series construction hoist is rack and pinion elevator, which is designed to transport workers and materials to the required heights. It is an indispensable piece of vertical transportation equipment for the construction of high rise industrial and civil buildings, large bridges, cooling towers, vertical shafts, etc. In addition, the construction hoist can also be used as the permanent or semi-permanent lifting equipment in warehouse, docks, power plants, and other places.Product code: S-construction hoist; Type code: C- rack and pinion SC200 denotes single cage, ordinary construction hoist with rated load of 2000kg; SC200/200 denotes double-cage, ordinary construction hoist, each cage with rated load of 2000kg;  Frequency Control Type Construction Hoist Main Advantage:1. Compact design and comfortable operation environment2. Single and dual cage configurations, interchangeable3. Design without counterweight4. Multiple choices of doors5. Simple and easy operation system6. PLC control as an option7. Durable material: high quality steel for increased strength and weight reduction, hot dip galvanized mast section and tie-in8. Wide range of tie-in9. Wide range of optional equipment and functionsConstruction Hoist Parts List:SC200/200 mainly consists of cable collecting basket and cable trolley, the products include: mast, drive system, electrical system, safety device, limiting device, electric control panel, cage, power box, base frame guard rail, cable collecting basket, cable wire-protected frame, mast tie, cable arm rest, hanger rod, cable trolley. 

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