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Gondola Roof Support Forms 2023.03/21

Gondola roof support mainly has the following forms:

Pole gondola: The pole gondola is the most common type of gondola roof support. It is supported by one or more poles over which the gondola is suspended. The pole-type gondola has simple structure and good stability, and is suitable for occasions where the roof height is not large.

Wall gondola: The wall gondola is a bracket that hangs the hanging basket on the wall of a building. The wall gondola is suitable for occasions with low roof height and strong wall structure. Since the wall gondola is only hung on the wall, it is necessary to strengthen the bearing capacity of the wall.

Cantilevered gondolas: The support structure of cantilevered gondolas is suspended from the outside of the building, and the gondola is suspended from the cantilever arm end of the support structure. Cantilever gondolas are suitable for occasions where the building width is large and it is impossible to set up supports inside the building. The advantage of the cantilever basket is that the suspension position is flexible and the working range is large.

Leaping gondola: Leaping gondola is a form of gondola that sets support structures on both sides of the building, and then hangs the gondola between the support structures. The spanning basket is suitable for occasions where the building has a large span. The advantage of the spanning basket is that it can cover the entire width of the building and has a large operating range.

In general, the choice of gondola roof support should be determined according to the specific building conditions. Different support forms have their own characteristics, and it is necessary to consider the height, width, wall structure, operating range and other factors of the building to choose the most suitable support form.

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