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How to judge the quality of suspended platform? 2019.09/09

In the market, you can find lots of suppliers of suspended platform with different kinds of price. But almost the specification of all the suspended platform from different suppliers are the same, no matter low or high price. It makes the clients very confused. So, it is quite important to know how to judge the quality of suspended platform. 

Our Shenxi company with over 30 years history and experience, feel honored to give you some suggestions as following for the judgement. In the same time, hope it helps you to find out what price deserves what quality.

1. The structural components of suspended platform

The structural components of suspended platform are platform and suspension mechanism. The following factors influence the quality and price.


Heavy Hammer 

Counter Weight

2. The Power Drive Unit of suspended platform

The power driving unit of the suspended platform is electric traction hoist. It is the crucial component.The quality decides the safety directly.


3. Safety Lock of suspended platform

The safety lock is the fall arrest device. It is related to the operators' safety directly.


4. The Electric Control Box of suspended platform


5. The Steel Wire rope of suspended platform

The steel wire rope for suspended platform is special type. The brand decides the quality.

It should be “FASTEN”, although It is more expensive.  

Other brands are not good enough.

6. The Electric Cable of suspended platform

Electric Cable

Pressing Wire

A. Thickness of the cooper core, not of the cable decides the quality. Some suppliers use the cable with only thicker rubber coat, but thinner cooper core to pretend thick electric cable. 

B. There should be Insulating shield for each core. 

C. Good thickness of the rubber coat

D. Proper thickness of cooper core for different voltage and working height

In conclusion, all above are the main price influence factors. Hope they can help you to judge the quality and find what you need and realize the product deserves how much you pay.

For catalogue and manual download please visit https://www.shenxi.com/single/down and video on how to install suspended platform on https://youtu.be/yNv-wBLft3Q  Choose our TSP and elevate your construction and maintenance work to new heights! Reply me today to get more information. 

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