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Skyjack: ELEVATE LIVE system won the Industry Leading Award for Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms 2021.11/20

A few days ago, Skyjack's ELEVATE Live product won the first place in the after-sales support product and service category ranked by Lift and Access magazine LLEAP (Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms).


ELEVATE Live allows operators to scan the QR code to obtain information such as emergency descent functions, pre-use inspection guidelines, equipment information materials and the current normal status of the machine, helping leasing companies save money and reduce workload.


ELEVATE Live can be used on all Skyjack devices, regardless of whether the ELEVATE telematics system is installed. Access by scanning the QR code, no need to download the app or remember the login details.


If the machine is equipped with an ELEVATE telematics system, the operator will see more detailed information, such as the normal condition of the machine, including the percentage of battery life, the date of the last charging and the recommended charging instructions. This information is available through ELEVATE’s Battery Management System (BMS).


Lift and Access is the most authoritative lifting equipment magazine in North America. The LLEAP (Lifting equipment and Aerial Platform Industry Leadership Award) competition aims to recognize newly introduced innovative lifting equipment, aerial platforms or related products. The winners of LLEAP will also publish an article in the November-December’s Lift and Access magazine, and the content will also be published on www.liftandaccess.com.


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