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Use and maintenance of loading platform 2021.12/01

1. A static load test is required when the loading platform is used for the first time. After confirming that the material platform is not deformed, the welding seam is not cracked, and the concrete at the anchor ring is not cracked, it can be used after being signed and approved by the relevant department and the person in charge. 


2. It is strictly forbidden to stack materials on the loading platform for a long time, and should be hoisted along with the stack, and the stacking height of the materials should not be too high, and the length should not exceed the length of the loading platform.


3. The platform shall hang a weight limit sign, mark the limited tonnage and the person responsible for acceptance, maintenance, and installation. The total weight of the construction personnel and materials on the platform must not exceed the designed allowable load.


4. The loading on the loading platform shall not exceed the tonnage limit, and the maximum number of construction workers is 1-2. It is strictly forbidden to use the platform as a resting platform when workers are resting.


5. Special personnel should be instructed during lifting, and keep in touch with tower crane operators at all times, and the floor where the loading platform is located and the construction floor should be directed by someone. At the same time, there should be a special person to straighten the suspended objects to ensure that they do not collide with the wire ropes and guardrails.


6. When lashing the loading platform, the lashing points should be set symmetrically so that the platform can be basically kept level after being lifted. The inner side of the platform needs to be controlled by a slip rope, and the hook should be slowly dropped when in place, aiming to aim at the anchored balcony once.

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