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Can two people share a safety rope during the use of the suspended paltform? 2021.12/03

Can two people share a safety rope during the use of the suspended paltform? This question is worth discussing.


The suspended platforms used for exterior wall construction in the construction industry are basically double-lifting points and double-powered suspended platforms, which do not allow one person to operate. Therefore, there are restrictions, stipulating that two people must work on the gondola at the same time. As for whether these two people can share the safety rope, this is not clear in the relevant regulations of China.


Some people think that two people can share a safety rope; the function of the safety rope is to provide the suspension of the seat belt to ensure safety. And there are 3 holes on the safety lock (the connection between the safety rope and the safety belt), which can realize the sharing condition of two people.


Another part believes that two people cannot share a safety rope; human life, safety first; and the norms are not clear, and should be strictly enforced if they are not clear; two people share a safety rope with a working range of 2m, which is inconvenient.


Therefore, can a rope bear the weight of two people and ensure the safety of two people? If two people share a safety rope, then the corresponding safety rope national standard needs to be revised; is it convenient for two people to work with one rope? This depends on the actual construction needs on site. However, from a safer point of view, "one person, one rope" is required, and sharing is not recommended.

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