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Basic knowledge of construction hoist 2021.12/04

What is a construction hoist?



Construction hoists are also called construction elevators, outdoor elevators, and passenger and cargo elevators. They are often used in buildings to carry people and cargo. They are mainly used for interior and exterior decoration of high-rise buildings, construction of bridges, chimneys and other buildings.


For example, "SC200/200" means: ordinary construction hoist with rack and pinion as the transmission mode, and the rated load of each cage is 2000Kg.


Brief description of the structure of the construction hoist

The construction hoist is composed of five parts: foundation, steel structure, driving device, safety device and electrical system.


Frequency Control Type Construction Hoist Main Advantage:

1. Compact design and comfortable operation environment

2. Single and dual cage configurations, interchangeable

3. Design without counterweight

4. Multiple choices of doors

5. Simple and easy operation system

6. PLC control as an option

7. Durable material: high quality steel for increased strength and weight reduction, hot dip galvanized mast section and tie-in

8. Wide range of tie-in

9. Wide range of optional equipment and functions

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