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What should be paid attention to when working at height with a suspended platform 2021.12/04

There are tall buildings in the city, so aerial work equipment such as suspended platform is indispensable. In the process of using suspended platforms for exterior wall cleaning and other operations, the most important thing is to ensure safety, In order to effectively avoid accidents, the following aspects need to be paid attention to:


1. Personnel must wear safety helmets and other protective equipment before entering and exiting. When entering the suspended platform, the self-locking device of the seat belt and the safety rope must be fastened tightly.

2. Only relevant personnel who have received pre-job training can carry out high-altitude operations, and cannot work without a certificate.

3. The appropriate load weight should be set and adjusted according to the surrounding environment and working conditions.

4. Make sure that the load on both sides of the gondola is consistent, and there is no tilt.

5. In the process of construction and operation, operators need to always pay attention to whether there are obstacles within the construction area. If there are obstacles, they should be removed in time. Related warning signs and safety zone signs should also be set up under the suspended platform.

6. During the operation of the gondola, the relevant personnel should also check whether the working conditions of the motor and hoist are normal, and should stop the operation in time if there is an abnormality.

7. For high-altitude operations of the suspended platform, construction cannot be carried out under extreme weather, such as strong wind or rain, etc. If you encounter severe weather, you need to evacuate in time and cover the equipment.

8. During operation, if abnormal noise or odor is found in the suspended platform equipment, stop the operation and check immediately until the fault is eliminated.


Suspended platform operation is a high-risk industry. It not only requires operators to have a certificate, but also requires that the personnel and the environment meet the conditions and requirements of the operation before the operation is carried out. Only in this way can it be foolproof.

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