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Introduction of glass glazing robot 2021.12/07

At present, China is in a period of comprehensive and rapid development. The modern construction industry is developing rapidly. Construction and installation projects are all over the land of China. Engineering safety has become a focus of social concern. The appearance of the city is changing with each passing day, with high-rise buildings rising from the ground, and the beautiful and fashionable glass curtain wall is as eye-catching as the city's "coat". Glass installation has always been an important project in industrial and civil construction projects. In glass installation, mechanized operation has become one of the important means of improving the safety factor.


The traditional way of installing the curtain wall is to install it by a worker standing on a suspended platform or by a crane. These two installation methods not only have safety risks, but also have high construction costs. If the building is of special shape, it will be more difficult to install the glass curtain wall. The traditional installation method is optimized, and the curtain wall is automatically installed by robot to realize the intelligent installation of the curtain wall, which can not only save construction costs, but also reduce the accident rate of high-altitude operations.


Our glass glazing robot can be used for different working conditions such as glass/metal plate/marble/stone lifting, curtain wall installation, glass manufacturing and processing. It can not only greatly reduce the work-related injury rate in the glass building installation project, but also improve the production efficiency during the material handling and installation production process, save labor costs, and meet the market demand.

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