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11 major notes for scissor lift platform 2021.12/08

In life or work, we often see the figure of a scissor lift platform. The scissor lift platform brings us convenience and efficiency, but many people do not know much about the operation methods and notes of the scissor lift platform. Let's give you a detailed introduction.

1. Excessive overloading of the scissor lift platform is prohibited.


2. The scissor lift platform should be regularly maintained by a dedicated person.


3. When working on the scissor lift platform, no one is allowed to work outside the railing under any circumstances.


4. Before the scissor lift platform is operated, the person in charge of the work shall give the operator a technical and safety explanation.


5. After the scissor lift platform is out of service, the scissor lift platform must be lowered to the lowest base and the power supply must be disconnected.

6. When ascending, descending or moving the scissor lift platform, attention should be paid to prevent the wire ropes, wires, hoses, etc. from being entangled.


7. The use of scissor lift platform must be a professional operator who has been trained, and a permit for high-altitude operation must be obtained before use.


8. Before operation, check that there are barrier-free and high-voltage lines in the air. According to current regulations and standards, the platform should be kept a safe distance from the live high-voltage lines from beginning to end, and must not be crossed.


9. The scissor lift platform shall not change the running direction arbitrarily during use, and shall not suddenly open and stop; during normal driving, it is forbidden to stop midway, and in special circumstances, the platform can be stopped midway.


10. Before starting the scissor lift platform, you should choose a flat ground and open the four supporting legs. If the foundation is soft or undulating, it must be cushioned with sleepers to ensure that the four feet are on the ground and the adjustment is stable before the lifting work can be carried out.


11. The operator of the scissor lift platform must check in advance whether the electrical circuit and mechanical equipment are in compliance, whether the circuit control is normal, whether the oil level is normal, and whether the oil pipe is normal. Within the working range of the scissor lift platform, there should be no obstacles that hinder the scissor lift platform.

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