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Steel rope for safe operation of suspended platform 2021.12/10

A suspended platform incorporates a steel or aluminum platform that can be raised or lowered when in use. Other frequently used terms are ‘suspended cradle’ and ‘swing stage platform. They can be assembled from scaffolding. The suspended platform is an efficient modern overhead operation equipment that can replace traditional scaffolding and reuse. General suspension platforms can be divided into manual and electric. 


ZLP series Temporarily installed suspended access equipment (ZLP630/ZLP800 TSP) developed and produced by SHENXI Group is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly applied to the external wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multi-storey buildings. It can also be applied to elevator installation, large tanks, bridges, dams and other engineering operations. Model name ZLP630 or ZLP800 refers to their rated capacity. 


(1) Both the working steel rope and the safety steel rope shall not have broken wires, loose strands, hard bends, rust or oily dirt.

(2) The specifications and model of the safety steel rope are the same as those of the working steel rope, and should be suspended independently.

(3) Take corresponding measures to protect the steel rope during electric welding operations.


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