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Jiangsu Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association won the highest 5A-level in social organization evaluation 2021.12/18

In order to further promote the standardized construction of social organizations and promote the healthy and orderly development of social organizations, the Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangsu Province carry out evaluation work on social organizations in the whole province in 2018.


After a scientific and rigorous evaluation process, the Jiangsu Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association has lived up to expectations, stood out from 95,000 social organizations in the province, won the title of 5A-level social organization, and became the first 5A-level social organization in the field of high-altitude machinery in China.


Taking the title of “5A Social Organization” as a new starting point, the Association will continue to uphold the principle of “optimizing the development of the high-altitude machinery gondola industry, promoting the overall improvement of industry technology, reducing technical barriers in the development of the industry, and escorting the healthy development of the industry”, guided by "Member Enterprise Demand", integrate multi-faceted high-quality resources to provide members with all-round services and meet the needs of members.


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