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China has achieved significant results in this field 2021.12/18

The cruise ship is a "city floating on the sea", and the cruise industry is also known as the "golden industry floating on the sea". Large cruise ships, aircraft carriers, and LNG ships are known as the three jewels in the crown of the shipbuilding industry, and large cruise ships are known as the "most dazzling jewel in the crown" of the shipbuilding industry.


On December 17, China's first large cruise ship successfully achieved the milestone node of floating in the dock at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited. It further verified the series of major scientific research achievements made in the design, craftsmanship, production preparation, and final assembly and construction of China’s first large cruise ship. It marks that the project has completely transferred from the "first half" of structural and outfitting construction to the "deep water zone" of interior installation and system completion and commissioning.


At present, only a few countries in the world have this construction capability. Compared with a car with 30,000 parts, a high-speed rail with 2 million parts, and a large airplane with 5 million parts, a large cruise ship is a veritable giant system project. China's first large-scale cruise ship has 136 systems, more than 20,000 sets of equipment, 25 million parts, 4,200 kilometers of cables, 350 kilometers of piping, 450 kilometers of air ducts, and more than 500 global suppliers. Shenxi's transport platform is fortunate to become one of the world's 500 suppliers, contributing to China's first large-scale cruise ship.


Up to now, the overall construction progress of China's first cruise ship has reached 55%, which is another crucial step towards the overall goal of completion and delivery in September 2023.


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