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Jiangsu Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association won the honor of Provincial Excellent Workstation 2021.12/24

Jiangsu Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association has fulfilled its duties since it was recognized as the "Fair Trade Early Warning Station of Jiangsu Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association". The association insists on regularly passing the "High Access Machinery and Suspended Platform" journal and website, and timely publishing the "Suspended Platform Industry Early Warning Report" to the whole industry. The association analyzes recent national policies to promote foreign trade development, and responds to the current financial tensions in foreign trade, especially in the Sino-US trade friction. Facing the influence and development trend of the export of mechanical and electrical products, the association actively guides the export trade of the industry, responds to international trade frictions and prevents international trade risks, seizes fleeting opportunities, and expands the foreign trade market scientifically and reasonably. The association regularly publishes the export situation and ranking of high-altitude machinery and gondola companies in Jiangsu Province and even the whole country, and encourages companies to keep forging ahead and strive for maximum efficiency. In the comprehensive evaluation conducted by experts organized by the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, the Association's Fair Trade Early Warning Station deserves its name, and it has won the honor of provincial excellent workstation for three consecutive years.

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