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suspended platforms SWOT analysis in 2022 2021.12/27

Strengths: There are many suspended platform manufacturers, and they have become a major producer of suspended platforms; China’s construction suspended platform industry is showing a strong development trend, and the industrial system is becoming more and more perfect; the structure, technology, and craft level of the suspended platforms are constantly improving, and there are many professionals in the industry. Their thinking and understanding have improved to a great extent.


Weaknesses: The positioning of the suspended platform products in the north and south of China is different, and there are differences in quality and pricing. However, foreign customers know little about this, which easily leads the industry into a vicious circle of low-price competition; independent research and development capabilities are still lacking, and there is not enough capital accumulation. To solve some key problems; the value-added capacity of the industrial chain is declining year by year, which will prompt more and more capital to withdraw from the suspended platform industry, which will make the industrial chain more fragile.


Opportunities: Some markets have begun to pick up, such as Brazil, Spain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia; Since foreign counterparts are more affected by Covid-19, China’s productivity will be less affected, which will attract some buyers to find new suppliers from China; With the improvement of the marketing power of suspended platform, more overseas buyers will pay attention to Shenxi Group.


Threats: The price of raw materials is still relatively high, and it is difficult to return to the previous level; the Covid-19 has not completely ended, and we will implement regular epidemic prevention. In the short term, it will not be possible to participate in overseas exhibitions, and overseas customers will not be able to come to China; ocean freight rates continue to remain high; foreign exchange rates are gradually decreasing. It is possible to break through 6.3.


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