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What are the advantages of the Mast Climbing Work Platform compared to the suspended platform or scaffold? 2019.09/09

In the 21st century, lifting platforms for high-altitude operations can be widely used. Once the only aerial work equipment - scaffold began to be slowly replaced by high-altitude suspended platforms and mast climbing work platforms/mast climber. So, what advantages does the mast climber have over the suspended platforms/cradles or scaffold?

Scaffold refers to the various supports that are built on the construction site for workers to operate. It also solves the vertical and horizontal transportation during the construction. With the emergence of a large number of modern large-scale building systems, fastener-type steel scaffold has been unable to meet the needs of construction development. It is imperative to vigorously develop and promote the application of new high-altitude operations. Practice has proved that the using of scaffold generally exists many defects, especially in high-rise buildings: the use of more materials, long erection time, the height of the operating platform is not convenient for construction operations, construction materials are not easy to transport and so on.

Suspended platforms/cradles, as an advanced auxiliary construction technology, are accepted by more and more building exterior construction units and used in more construction projects. In particular, in recent years, there have been more and more high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, which have enabled the suspended platforms to be rapidly promoted. However, the suspended platform also has many problems such as unstable frame, short frame length, limitation on platform width, high risk during the operation and so on.

The mast climbing work platform is the safest aerial work equipment over the world. It can replace steel-, bamboo-, wooden-scaffold and suspended cradle. Due to its flexibility, safety and efficiency, it is widely used in steel structure construction, high-altitude equipment installation, equipment maintenance and other industries.

A. Compared with scaffold:

(1) Mast climbing work platform adopts a fully enclosed steel mesh and shaped scaffolding board, so its safety performance can be greatly improved and the risk of erection work is reduced.

(2) Mast climber can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of high-altitude fall accidents, and can realize the mechanization and intelligence of the work.

(3) It is safe and reliable to use, and it is more convenient to manage.

(4) It has a long service life and a large bearing capacity, so it can be also used in harsh environments.

B. Compared with the suspended platform/cradle: 

(1) The mast climbing work platform can carry people and objects. 

(2) It has strong stability, strong bearing capacity and wide operating surface.

(3) Mast climber is comfortable to operate. It is safer and more efficient.

The world has been producing and developing the mast climbing work platform for decades. And many application technologies are quite mature. As far as the domestic market is concerned, there are more and more manufacturers of mast climbing work platforms. A number of products among them are independently researched and developed by domestic enterprises. The product technology is mature, the working range is large, and the overall performance is safe and stable.

a. Safe and stable design

a) The dynamic safety and stability analysis of the mast climbing work platform, from the practical point of view, mainly draws on the method in the crane design specification to analyze and calculate the dynamic safety and stability of the mast climbing work platform. It also uses the "stability coefficient method" to deduct the theoretical formula and establish mathematics. The model considers the effects of load, wind, and inertial forces in the horizontal direction on stability based on the original stability function.

b) The mast climbing work platform is sometimes subjected to a large external force when it is not in operation. Unlike the lifting equipment, it is generally considered that the crane boom is relatively long and can be lowered to the ground or other protective measures, so that the safety and stability of the machine are not considered. Even if it cannot be placed on the ground, it is also possible to increase the anti-overturn stability by increasing the weight. However, the mast climbing work platform is different. If the weight is too large, the boom of the lifting platform will tilt backwards when it is lifted up. Therefore, it is necessary to check its own stability, that is, to ensure that the center of gravity of the aerial work platform falls within the rectangle formed by the chassis connection. In order to ensure a certain degree of safety, it is stipulated that the pressure on the same side tire can not be less than 15% of its own weight.

b. Perfect function

a) As the actual use continues to increase, the functional requirements of the mast climbing work platform for safety and stability are constantly improving. Designers have made breakthroughs in many fields. For example, arm frame amplitude jitters, boom telescopic noise, arm frame expansion instability, four-wheel steering synchronization, electrical leveling, outrigger detection technology, up and down amplitude in-position buffer control, rotation and so on. Most of today's high-end equipment is equipped with anti-tip devices, soft contact anti-collision devices, and the use of elector-hydraulic proportional valve stepless transmission system to further improve the safety and stability of products.

c. Load test

a) Each mast climbing work platform will complete the corresponding static load and dynamic load test before access to market. It helps to ensure the safety and stability of the product within the range of various angles and height limits. At the same time, based on the test, the manufacturer will also inspect the various components and systems of the product to ensure that the design function and safety are consistent with the actual product.

In addition, the mast climbing work platform has superior practicability and versatility, which can be mainly embodied as:

a. It is possible to set the tower crane arm and the construction elevator, etc., and it is very simple to set up.

b. It is applicable to arc-faced building structures and multi-angle building structures

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