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The recommended brand of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) 2019.09/23

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China and better publicize the development achievements of the construction machinery industry in the past 70 years, China Construction Machinery Association organized a celebration of the brilliant achievements in the construction machinery industry.

In this selection event, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. and its general manager Wu Jie were both named. In all SHENXI MACHINERY Co., Ltd has received 4 awards.

1. The Heavy-Duty Suspended Platform is selected as the outstanding product of the China Construction Machinery Industry.

The ZLP series of temporary installed suspended platform developed by Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly used for exterior wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multistory buildings. It can also be used for elevator installation, large storage tanks, bridges, dams and other construction operations. ZLP series suspended platforms can be made from steel or aluminum alloy. The length of the platform can be combined according to customer requirements. It’s safe, reliable, reusable and easy to operate. Therefore, ZLP series high-access suspended platform has the advantages of reducing construction cost and improving work efficiency. It is trusted and favored by users with its excellent quality and professional service. With the increase of popularity and credibility, the products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as Singapore, Russia, UAE, Chile and Peru. The company's products have reached European standards and passed CE certification.

2. Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is voted the Influential Enterprise of the China Construction Machinery Industry.

Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. was built in the 1988 and is the birthplace of Chinese high-altitude Suspended Platforms and Glazing Robot. After nearly 30 years of rapid development, Shenxi has become a leading company in China's aerial work machinery industry. After three evaluations by Chinese Construction Machinery Industry Association, the company's comprehensive strength ranks first in the domestic industry. Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is the executive director unit of China Construction Machinery Industry Association. It is also the research and development center and production base of the suspended platform and glazing robot. It is also a high and new technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, which is responsible for the industry Standards development, testing and training work. It has also undertaken the research work on national key projects such as the National Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund.

It is truly to say, the win of the “ the Influenced Enterprise of the China Construction Machinery Industry” is deserved.

3. Wu jie, the general manager of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is named as “The Outstanding contributor of China Construction Machinery Industry”.

Wu Jie, the project leader, the senior engineer, the senior economist, the expert of ISO International Working Group, the expert of Chinese construction machinery. He is currently the general manager of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd..

In the process of enterprise management and R&D, he paid attention to the protection of intellectual property rights in especial. He adhered to the road of technology leadership and independent innovation. The company has 34 effective national patents, among which he personally applied for more than 20 patents and published 4 papers. In 2011 the invention patent of "Working Organs for Suspended Platform Hoist" won the 4th Wuxi Patent Award for Excellence.

4. Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is voted as the typical case of “Win the intellectual property dispute lawsuit in USA”.

In March 2008, Shenxi's products traveled across the ocean to participate in the exhibition of construction machinery products in Las Vegas, USA. On the fourth day of the exhibition, Shenxi  suddenly received a prosecution summons, which issued by the US Nevada State Court, from Carrier and the TRACTEL Group, the world leading engineering competition for aerial work machinery. They sued China Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. for the improper imitation and unfair competition of the design of the hoist -- the core components of the suspended platform. Although Shenxi’s products covered still 0% of the US market, from a long-term perspective, this is a lawsuit to win the future market competition. If Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. won, the global market would open up for Shenxi’s products. Therefore, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. immediately entered the response procedure. Although Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd., which responded for the first time and is not familiar with US law. It has good authority to fully prove that the products are its own research and development. Finally Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. decided to hire the US senior intellectual property lawyer Mei Yuhua and teamed up with REEDSMITH, one of the top ten law firms in the United States. It formed a strong team of lawyers to deal with the lawsuit.

During the lawsuit, the engineers and key personnel of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. flew to Hong Kong to accept the other lawyer's inquiry. They not only came up with the original record of the company's scientific research and development, but also arbitrarily used the evidence of their own research and development to refute the unreasonableness of the other lawyer. The plaintiff found that the defendant had reason to win the case, so that the plaintiff had once proposed mediation. For it, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. categorically refused. Under the planning of the operation, Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. boldly proposed to the US court: "On the plaintiff's first allegation, a summary trial is required." On August 17, 2010, based on the evidence submitted by the plaintiff and the defendant, the US Federal Court Judge conducted a summary trial that Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. won the case.

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