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The 30th Anniversary ceremony of Shenxi Machinery Co., LTD. 2019.11/27

The 30th Anniversary ceremony of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. and the International Forum of High-altitude Construction Industry were held in Xizhou Hotel on 21ST November. The former Deputy Mayor of Wuxi City, the former Party Committee leader of Jiangsu Provincial Construction Department, the Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the Chairman of China Infrastructure Leasing Contract Association, the former Party Secretary of Shenyang Jianzhu University, Experts from the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and more than 400 people from the domestic industry gathered together to share ideas of the development direction of the global high-altitude construction industry, and to show the industry's new technologies and products.

At conference, many awards were presented. For example, "the oldest hoist selection", "The Potential Customer", "The Best Customer", "The Strategic Partner", "The best Employees of Shenxi Machinery Co., LTD", etc.

During the activity, Cai Donggao, Sun Jia, Wang Tiezhu, and Wang Deli introduced the four representative products “S”, “H”, “E”, “N” of Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. by 3D technology.

Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise in high-altitude construction machinery industry in China, its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions. The industry forum is specially held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shenxi Machinery. It provided an opportunity and platform to many senior experts and leaders in High-altitude Construction industry to communicate and share with each other. At the forum, Wu Yuhou --- the current Director of International Cooperation Joint Laboratory-Ministry of Education, Wang Donghong --- the Vice President of China Academy of Building Research Institute of Construction Mechanization, Mr. Samer Harb --- the Managing Director of XPLATFORM LLC, Xue baoxin --- the Editor-in-chief of Temporarily Installed Suspended Access Equipment, Rainbow Zhao --- the General Manager of Alimak Group-Avanti China and Pang Guoliang --- the expert of artificial intelligence research group of China construction industry, etc., made the speeches with the topic: Relying On Cooperation Between University And Enterprise To Enhance The Implementation Capability Of“The Belt and Road”Strategy, New Trends And Technologies On Global Construction Machinery, Temporarily Installed Suspended Access Equipment: Standard Implementation Of On-site Installation And Operation, The Application Of Service Lift In Offshore Wind Power and Reconstruction of Digital Value of Traditional Enterprises in the DT Era, respectively.

In addition, President Wu Yuhou also presented Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. a silk banner as an award. He praised Shenxi is a model in the industry. It focuses on the cooperation between University and Enterprise and the pragmatic development, and it makes great achievement in the industry.

The 30th anniversary celebration and forum have been well received by leaders and customers from all walks of life. Thanks also to the staff who providing simultaneous interpretation.

Thirty years have passed and Spring is coming, standing at a new starting point and facing new historical opportunities. Let's make Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. great again!

You can also review the whole anniversary ceremony video as below:

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