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ZLP Suspended platform safety checklist 2021.07/08

1. ZLP Suspended Platform Daily Check

a.       Reliability of the safety lock;

b.      Emergency stop and limit switch;

c.       Reliability of the electromagnetic brake;

d.      Sensitive of the manual descending device;

e.       Steel rope, rope clamp and connections;

f.       Making the suspended platform move upward and downward 3-5 times with the travel of about 3-5 meters;

g.      Following the “Daily Check Items” (see attached table 2), check twice every day (morning and afternoon). It is not allow to use the suspended platform with any troubles.

2. ZLP Suspended Platform Check Periodically

The safety lock must be re-calibrated in six month from the date of the delivery by the manufacturer; and the hoist must be checked by the qualified person.

Generally, the equipment should be checked at an interval of 2 months depending on the application condition and the working period. After the end of use of entire machine, a thorough keeping and examination should be done.

2.1 Traction Hoist:

a.       Replace the oil in the gear reducer: Synthetic Oil, Oil No.: 220# and 0.8-1.0 kg; first replace in 20-30 days, then replace in three or six months intervals. Check the wear-out condition of the worm and gear.

b.      Clearing out the dirty matter by removing the cover of the hoist; cleaning the gear and replace the grease; check the wear-out condition of the bearing assembly, guide roller, steel ring and press pan.

c.       Cleaning the electromagnetic by removing it; check the wear-out condition of the armature and the brake disk. Replace if the armature is deformed or the thickness of the brake disk is less than 10 mm.

2.2 Safety lock: check if the arm action of the lock and the rotation of the roller are sensitive.

2.3 Electric control box: the isolated resistance should be less than 2MΩ; check the electric elements and the connecting wire; replace the elements, if necessary, based on the diagram; check the system condition with power on.

2.4 Check if the working steel rope and safety steel rope are in good condition.

2.5 Check if the suspended platform and the suspension mechanism are deformed or damaged; if there is any crack and fracture in welding of the structure. Repair or reject if necessary.

Attached Table: Daily Check Items

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