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Suspended Platform Common Failures and Troubleshooting 2021.07/08

1. Suspended platform cannot stop in ascending

Press the emergency stop button or touch the head of limit switch to stop the platform at first.

Cause 1: The main contact point of AC contact disengages. Replace it.

Cause 2: Control button fails. Replace it.

2. ZLP Suspended platform cannot stop in descending

Press the emergency stop button or pull the limit switch to stop the platform at first.

Cause 1 and 2 are the same as 1.

Cause 3: The electromagnetic brake fails

a. The space between the electromagnetic disk and the armature is too big.

Checking safety lock: move the suspended platform upward about 1-2 m and make its one end inclined about 3°~8°, the safety lock should be actuated to lock the safety steel rope.

b. Too small contact area between the friction disk and the armature.

Check if the space between the friction disk and the armature is well-distributed; otherwise, replace the disk or the armature.

c. Slipping between the friction disk and the armature because of the water or oil. Clean.

Cause 4: The steel rope is slipping in the hoist.

Repair the hoist.

3. ZLP Suspended platform cannot be start or cannot ascend and descend

Cause 1: Check the limit switch: Sometimes the platform cannot be start and you find the contact KM2 and KM3 of the electric control panel suction are not abnormal, you should check if the wiring of the limit switch gets loose. Rewire it. Cause 2: Power supply is abnormal a. Power leakage breaker disengages. Check to see if any leakage, and take preventive measurements. b. Phase lacking. Check if the 3-phase power is normal and reconnect. Cause 3: Failure of control circuit: a. Control transformer or control button damaged. b. Thermal overload relay breaks or damages. When you start the platform, several minutes later the contact is closed and after several minutes, it recovers, but it will repeat. Use a screw driver to set the larger value. If it doesn’t work, consider to replace it. c. Universal switch is not in good contact. Replace. Cause 4: The steel rope is blocked in the hoist. Fix the platform and examine & repair hoist.

4. The 2 construction hoists cannot actuate the platform

Cause 1: Rectifier is broken. Replace.

Cause 2: Voltage is too low. When you turn the universal switch to one side, the hoist in the side can be actuated, but to the middle, the two hoists cannot be actuated. Adjust voltage or check if the wiring is correct. The voltage of power should be within the range ±5%. After the power is connected, push the testing button on the power leakage breaker, and power leakage breaker should work swiftly. Close the door of electric control box, and inspect if handle switch, universal switch and motor is normal. Change the output voltage of transformer to 45V.

Cause 3: The transmission unit of hoist is broken. Check and repair the hoist.

5.  Abnormal noise of the motor or the motor is hot

Cause 1: Phase lacking. Check power supply.

Cause 2: Rectifier is broken. Replace.

Cause 3: Voltage is too high or too low. Adjust

Cause 4: The screws of the electromagnetic brake get loose or lost. Tighten or replace.

Cause 5: Bearing damaged. Replace.

6. Safety lock slip or locking angle is too big

Cause 1: Oil dust on the safety steel rope. Clean or replace the steel rope.

Cause 2: Problem with rope clip. Replace.

Cause 3: Slow motion in safety lock. Replace torsion spring of safety lock.

If you cannot repair the safety lock, we suggest you to replace the safety lock when it is broken.

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