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What should we pay attention to using a Hydraulic Lift? 2021.08/11

1. The problem with the hydraulic cylinder and its hydraulic power unit system software is usually insufficient driving force and insufficient quality of the hydraulic cylinder.

2. The effect of the excessive harmonic distortion index of the switching power supply, the excessive load of the components and the inside and outside of the power distribution cabinet can also cause the unstable operation of the hydraulic lift.

3. The sliding rail connection shifts, causing the work platform to shake and make a noise during the lifting process.

4. There is dirt in the oil pipeline, causing uneven oil support of the conveying gear and uneven cabinet countertop. Customers are advised to carefully check whether the conveying pipeline is unblocked.

5. The hydraulic cylinder wears severely. If the inner closed ring is damaged or there are obstacles inside, it is easy to cause uneven support, resulting in uneven height-to-width ratio of the hydraulic cylinder lift, so you can check whether the hydraulic cylinder is normal.

6. There is also a situation where the probability of occurrence is very low, that is, the length of the transmission chain for lifting the goods is different, which causes the cabinet countertop to be skewed. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement.

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