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Temporary Suspended Platform VS Permanent Suspended Platform 2021.08/20

Temporary Suspended Platform (TSP)


A temporary suspended working platform is temporarily assembled on a building or a structure. It will be dismantled at the end of the work for which it was installed.


This type of temporary suspended working platform is generally used for painting and insulating work, cladding, repairs and refurbishment on building, bridges, chimneys, silos and other structures.


A temporary suspended working platform comprises a working platform, normally suspended on wire ropes attached to a roof rig. The working platform may be lifted or lowered by winches or climbers which are usually mounted on the working platform. Sometimes, the working platform is also designed to traverse. The stability of the roof rig may be achieved either by counterweights or direct attachment to the structure component of the roof of the building or structure.


Permanent Suspended Platform


 A permanent suspended working platform is designed especially to be permanently installed on a specific building or structure for the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the facades. It is also known as a building maintenance unit.



It comprises a working platform suspended by wire ropes from a roof rig, a trolley of the monorail fixed to the building, or a roof trolley. The roof rig may be a fixed structure to which a working platform is attached. The working platform may be lifted and lowered and may be traversed and rotated.

If the suspended working platform consists of a roof trolley, the roof trolley can operate either on rails or on suitable surface, e.g. a concrete track.

The system may be power or hand operated. The hoisting mechanism may be mounted either on the roof rig or on the working platform.


Shenxi Group mainly produces temporary suspended platform, because the standard configuration is easy to export, transport, install and maintain. The permanent installation suspended platforms (window cleaning machines) are mainly used for high-rise buildings in the domestic market, such as five-star hotels, advance commercial office buildings in CBD, etc. Therefore, the permanent installed suspended platforms are non-standard products, which require engineers to conduct on-site inspections and customize them according to the building. Due to the actual situation of feasibility and operability, our company mainly undertakes domestic window cleaner projects. But we could offer standard BMU gondola for overseas market. 

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