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Steel Rope of suspended platform 2021.09/01

1. The steel rope used in hoists for the equipment is special galvanized steel rope.

  The structure for ZLP500 and ZLP630 is 4T31/25, diameter is 8.3mm/8.6mm.

    The structure for ZLP800 is 6*19W+IWS, diameter is 8.6mm.

2.  The maintenance and inspection of steel rope

   The steel rope should be kept and maintained in a proper way to prevent corrosion and pollution, and the steel ropes should be regularly inspected for deformation and breakage. The rejection of steel rope is as per the specification of GB5972.

3.  Special notice:

The steel rope must be the steel rope designated by our company.

The steel rope should be replaced in any one of the situations below:

1)   The loosening, twisting, untwisting, or any other deformation and distortion.

2)  The steel rope should be rejected when the rope breaking number within the range of ab spacing reaches 5 (see figure 1 as below). When any corrosion or abrasion on the surface of steel rope, the standard for rejection is reduced further. The percentage of reduction is that the maximum allowable breaking numbers 5 times the percentage of the corrosion or abrasion on the surface of steel rope to make deduction.

Figure 1: Steel Rope

3)   Obvious corrosion on the steel rope, that is, the concave pit on the surface and the steel rope is loose.

4)   The nominal diameter of steel rope is reduced by 6%, even if there is no twist breakage.

5)   When the abrasion of outer rim of steel rope up to 40% of diameter.

6)   The damage or accumulation incurred by the heat or electric arc.

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