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Instructions for use of steel rope on suspended platform 2021.09/01

The diameter of the steel rope

The diameter of a steel rope refers to the diameter of its circumscribed circle, and its measurement method is:

Steel rope twisting method

The direction of the twisted steel rope is the direction of the helix in which the strands are twisted in the rope. Judgment method: Place the rope vertically and observe. If the direction of rotation of the rope is from left, upward, and then to the right, it is called right twist, which is represented by Z. If the direction of rotation of the rope is from right, upward, and then to the left, it is called left twist, which is represented by S.

The direction of steel rope twist is divided into the following categories:

Pay-off the steel rope

For the steel rope of the spool take-up, the spool should be placed on the pay-off rack that can rotate the spool when the rope is laid, and then the end of the steel rope should be pulled to make it straight and unfold.

For the steel rope without spool take-up, roll straight line in the opposite direction of the end of the rope to achieve the purpose of laying the rope. Do not pull the end of rope directly to avoid damage to the steel rope due to knotting.

Please cover the steel rope tightly with tarpaulin to prevent the product from being exposed to rain and moisture.

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