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Tower crane/construction hoist reasonable service life cognition survey report 2021.09/29

In the past two years, construction safety management has become more and more stringent, but safety accidents are still common. In some places and some construction companies, for the sake of construction safety, the service life of tower cranes and    construction hoists used in the project shall not exceed 3 or 5 years, and the use of tower cranes and construction hoists used in the project are not allowed to be used in excess of the prescribed period. Some of these regulations are required by construction companies, some are required by local authorities, and some are not expressly stipulated, but such requirements are implemented. Some people think that this kind of shortening the service life is helpful to ensure the safety of use; some people think that it is not conducive to the improvement of product quality, it is not conducive to the development of excellent brands, and it is also a waste of existing equipment resources; some people think that the service life should not be one size fits all, and different brands should be treated differently.

To this end, the Construction Mechanization Branch of the China Construction Machinery Association and the Construction Mechanization Magazine jointly launched an industry survey on the cognition of the reasonable service life of tower cranes/construction hoist.

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