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Shenxi’s employee Daxi Gao attended the 14th Wuxi Congress of the Communist Party of China 2021.09/29

On the morning of September 25, the 14th Wuxi Congress of the Communist Party of China was grandly opened in the Wuxi Great Hall of the People. Comrade Daxi Gao of our company, as the only representative of grassroots party members in Yunlin Street, Xishan District, was selected to participate in this conference.

Daxi Gao is the director of Shenxi's welding workshop. During the peak production season, he fell ill but still led the workers to weld suspended platforms, construction hoists and other products to ensure that the products can be produced in an orderly manner and finally delivered on time.

During the period, Daxi Gao, as the representative of Xishan District, had a group discussion with Wuxi Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Aixun Zhu, Xishan District Party Secretary Wendong Zhou and others, and delivered a keynote speech on "Deep Cultivating the Grassroots and Live Up to the Mission". In his speech, Daxi Gao mainly introduced the development history and future development direction of Shenxi Group, and the improvement of the ability of grassroots party members. Mayor Zhu and Secretary Zhou paid close attention to the development of the company, inquired and answered questions about the development dilemma faced by the company, especially the difficulty of employment, actively promoted the talent assistance and talent introduction policies, and contributed to the realization of the “strength, wealth, beauty and high”. Wuxi's goal has a clearer direction.

After the conference, Daxi Gao said that he will actively promote the organizational spirit of the congress, and in the future work, he will lead the workers to learn actively, exchange more with fellow technicians, and explore innovative technologies, innovative products, and innovative models.

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