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A Meeting Was Held at the Fair Trade Station of Jiangsu Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association 2021.10/12

In order to further improve the ability of the Fair Trade Station personnel of the Jiangsu Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association to help companies face the complex and changeable import and export trade environment, they can actively respond to trade friction cases such as anti-dumping and countervailing. On September 29, the Fair Trade Station held a special work exchange meeting on "Responding to Trade Frictions and Assist Relevant Companies in the Investigation of Anti-Dumping ". All the staff of Fair Trade Station participated in the meeting, which was presided over by Renshan Wu.

Everyone analyzed the current foreign trade situation and believed that the troubles of the COVID-19  and the escalation of Sino-US trade frictions will have a major impact on the changes in the world economy, especially unstable and uncertain industrial chain supply chain adjustments have led to a sharp increase in the prices of raw materials and freight, as well as higher requirements for energy consumption and environmental protection, which make it difficult for companies to continue production and operation, and the more they are in such an environment It is more likely to cause trade frictions. Therefore, everyone should make good use of the experience in helping companies successfully deal with trade frictions, guide companies to calmly cope with severe situations, and continue to develop by improving product quality, transforming and upgrading, building brands, adjusting layout, and reducing costs and increasing efficiency. At the same time, maintain a high degree of vigilance and try to find and resolve business risks such as trade frictions as soon as possible.

The work exchange meeting will make everyone further clarify their responsibilities and strengthen their confidence in dealing with various trade frictions and anti-dumping cases. Everyone expressed their willingness to work hard for members and the industry to do a good job of risk warning and trade friction assistance, and continue to make unremitting efforts for the better development of Jiangsu  Access Machinery & Suspended Platform Association.

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