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Brand Story 1——The birth of Shenxi 2021.10/22

In the 1980s, the wave of reform and opening up swept across the land of China, and township and village enterprises flourished. With dreams in mind, many young people have dreams and start to abandon farm work and come to cities in search of new opportunities. A countryman from Wuxi came to Shanghai. Factory founder Renshan Wu visited SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION NO.7 (Group) CO., LTD. He said that he is from Wuxi and came here to promote suspended platform, which were all made by his own company. At that time, there was a high-rise project on Wuxing Road of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau that required 12 sets suspended platforms. Secretary Lin said that he would not pay the advance payment, and after three months, the product would be used without problems and then the payment would be made. At that time, the current situation was that the product used in Shanghai must have a Shanghai Access License. The safety lock of suspended platform must be tested for 100 times to be able to stop. At that time, only Shenxi company passed this test, and Shenxi opened Shanghai market. The effect of this cooperation with SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION NO.7 (Group) CO., LTD is very nice. So Secretary Lin led a team to visit the Shenxi Factory and invested 300,000 yuan to co-found the WUXI SHENXI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTD.

This visit was more than 30 years ago, a township enterprise called Wuxi County Decorate Factory started to take the lead in the suspended platform industry, and a brand new and energetic enterprise was born.

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