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Brand Story 2—Shenxi jumped to new heights due to Guangzhou TV Tower 2021.11/05

Chief Engineer Wang of the Project Department of CCCC (China Communications Group Corporation) said, "I am responsible for the construction of the Guangzhou TV Tower, the key project of the 16th Asian Games. During the construction process, we encountered unprecedented problems. The Guangzhou TV Tower under construction is the tallest building in China at that time. In the process of painting the facade, because of its special structure, no matter whether the traditional suspended wooden spiderman or the ordinary suspended platform equipment is used, it can not solve the external wall painting of the tower body.” So the head office of CCCC immediately held an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures. Finally, it was decided to open a global bid to find the final solution. At that time, there were more than a dozen companies that received the tender notice from CCCC, and they only had one week to prepare. Within a week, they not only have to come up with a design plan, but also a full set of drawings, which is a big challenge for them. Shenxi Group is the leader of the domestic suspended platform industry, and has cooperated with CCCC many times and has excellent technology. Chief Engineer Wang thought of them first. Engineer Cai, the technical director of Shenxi Group, received a call from Engineer Wang. Engineer Cai said,"What? It's very difficult? The structure is too complicated? Yes, or should I go and take a look?" Engineer Cai immediately made a brief report to General Manager Wu, and Mr. Wu asked him to prepare quickly and flew to Guangzhou immediately.


Guangzhou is known as the city of flowers. The city in April was already colorful. Engineer Cai, who got off the plane, had no time to take a look at the scenery on the roadside. He immediately caught a taxi and came to the Guangzhou TV Tower construction site. When Engineer Cai came to the TV tower construction site, he was still shocked. The main body of the TV tower is 454 meters high, surpassing Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower. More importantly, the structure of the tower body is spirally rising. There is no precedent at home and abroad to realize the painting of the suspended platform on the outer wall of such a structure. That night in Guangzhou, Engineer Cai stayed up all night. In the early morning of the next day, when the first ray of sunlight fell on his face, a bold and brand-new plan was born. General Manager Wu received a call from Engineer Cai. Engineer Cai told General Manager Wu that the problem could be solved and reported the solution to him. But General Manager Wu felt that no one had ever done this plan before, and Mr. Wu didn't know whether it could be realized at the time.


On the day when he returned to Wuxi (close to Shanghai), Engineer Cai led the project team and immediately devoted himself to the intense design work. On the first day, they came up with the overall idea and plan. On the third day, they completed the first draft design. On the fifth day, they completed all the plans. The seventh day, they ushered in the certification of the expert group. After the expert group conducted overall evaluation and certification of the plans received by more than ten companies from around the world, the overall design plan of Shenxi Group finally won. Although the plan won, even greater challenges emerged. General Manager Wu said that at that time, Party A required us to supply the goods within three weeks. This was undoubtedly a huge challenge for them. Engineer Cai's wife said that at that time, she called him for something, but he basically didn't answer the call. Engineer Cai said that I was too busy to answer her phone calls. Engineer Cai’s wife said that one night he didn’t go home in the middle of the night and didn’t answer his phone calls. Later, Engineer Cai turned off the phone and she was very angry. When she rushed to the factory and angrily opened the laboratory door, she was stunned by the scene before her eyes. General Manager Wu, Engineer Cai, and other people were working day and night. After nearly 20 days of hard work, Engineer Cai led his project team to deliver the goods on time, ensuring the smooth operation of the Guangzhou TV Tower during the Asian Games. Shenxi’s single-person electric suspended chair and the solution that can split the suspended platform in the air not only solve the problems in construction, but also a brand-new invention and creation, which is the first in the world. Guangzhou TV Tower made Shenxi leaped to a new heights.

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