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Transport platform for cruise ships 2021.11/08

360 frame platform technical parameters

Rated load


Rated speed


Transfer method

Rack and pinion

Motor Power


Speed ratio of reducer


Installation height


Working environment

Salt spray and ocean climate erosion

Power supply


Technical requirements

1. The transporte platform needs to meet GBT 27547 "Elevating work platforms Mast-climbing work platforms" and CB/T 3878 "Ship goods lift";

2. Outdoor working environment, the ambient temperature is -15℃~+45℃, there is erosion of salt spray and ocean climate, the maximum relative humidity: 100%, the altitude: ≤1000m. The maximum wind speed allowed by the lift is: 13.8m/s (Strong breeze), and the maximum non-working wind speed: 32.6m/s (Hurricane). During the anti-typhoon period, it needs to be lowered to the lowest position and fixed;

3. The installation of the guide needs to correspond to the hull lap platform one-to-one; and the installation verticality deviation of the guide axis line to the horizontal datum of the underframe should be less than 30mm;

4. The rack connection of the standard section in the guide should be firm, and the step difference along the tooth height direction at the butt joint of two adjacent racks should not more than 0.4mm;

5. Each limit switch should act flexibly and reliably, the upper and lower limit switches are installed correctly, and the upper and lower limit switches can automatically stop the platform from the rated speed (and should not trigger the upper and lower limit switches) as the platform at the highest station and the lowest station operation. The installation position of the upper limit switch should ensure that after the suspended cage triggers the switch, the upper safety distance is not less than 1.8m.

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