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How to source China mast climbing work platform (MCWP) manufacturer SAFELY? 2021.11/09

Here are our 8 suggestions:

1. Create options, get multiple quotes from a range factories.

2. Ask for compliance certification according to your country, such as CE, ISO....

3. Ask for their company of registration certificate, check the registered capital and Physical address. Registered capital can reflect its scale, usually the registered capital of high-altitude machinery manufacturing enterprises should not be less than 20 million yuan. It can be judged from the registered address whether it is a factory or a trading company.

4. Double check compliance and company registration are genuine or fake.

5. Conduct a factory Inspection either yourself or get a local experienced agency, or inspection report from third party, such as TUV, SGS, Intertek, BV... Normally, it will include general information, foreign trade capacity, product research&development capacity, management system and product certification, production capacity&quality control, working environment, energy saving and emission reduction, photos.

6. If pricing suits your budget and background checks are good then: Make a sample order of your choice.

7. Either yourself or an agent do random quality control during production, make sure measure dimensions and weigh component's according to factory quote and your requirements.

8. Arrange packing slip and BL documents before final payment.

If you need any knowledge backup on mast climbing work platform, feel free to let us know.

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