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Brand Story 3-Shenxi wins a malicious lawsuit from an international tycoon regarding the infringement of the appearance of the hoist (Section 1) 2021.11/11

2008 is an extraordinary year for the rapidly developing China, and for Shenxi, this year is also destined to be recorded in the history of company growth. In March 2008, Hui Qin, the Manager of Foreign Trade of Shenxi Group, who was participating in the exhibition in the United States, suddenly received a court summons from a foreign counterpart suing Shenxi for infringement. Manager Qin said that she was alone at the booth. At that time, a few Americans came and asked if she was an employee of Shenxi Group. She said yes. The other party notified her that Shenxi's hoist of suspended platform had been infringed, and then handed her a court summons, and she was immediately confused. General Manager Wu had to return home immediately because his visa was about to expire. He had no choice but to leave Manager Qin alone in the United States and ask her to do some preliminary preparations for the lawsuit. But for Manager Qin who has only two years of work experience, the difficulties and pressures are self-evident.

To tell the truth, even though she was entrusted with a mission at a critical and difficult moment, Manager Qin was extremely worried. Although she had the experience of living and studying abroad, she knew little about the legal field. She rarely deals with the judicial department at home, not to mention letting her face such transnational lawsuits alone. After Manager Qin calmed down from the initial panic, in the next week, she flipped through the yellow pages of the state of Nedawa, USA, made countless phone calls, interviewed lawyers, and retelled the case. After a week of busy work, she probably understood that cases like this were often the selfishness and arrogance of some Americans. They used the banner of protecting intellectual property rights to intimidate and hinder enterprises from other countries from entering the US market. Their real purpose was to stifle competitors in the cradle.

Based on the information provided by Manager Qin, after analysis by domestic company members, Shenxi had the possibility of winning this lawsuit. General Manager Wu believed that if we avoid it, we must lose. The most fundamental thing is that the Americans have completely non-existent accusations of infringement on the appearance of the hoist. Shenxi had its own core patents, and the responding team was soon established. The preparation work is done step by step, and the team members perform their duties. During that time, the last office with lights on was the Foreign Trade Department on the first floor. In the first phase of the trial, the case did not go smoothly. Because of concerns about leaks, many core evidence materials were not fully provided to the court, and the litigation became passive. Attorney Mei put forward some new ideas about the case, which eliminated the concerns of company members about the possibility of leaking core secrets. Subsequently, the responding team submitted a complete variety of evidence materials to the court, with more than 1,900 pages at most. It also included a precious original design manuscript of hoist. Suddenly receiving so many evidence materials, the opponent's lawyer team was very surprised, and they began to question the authenticity of the evidence.

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