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Brand Story 3-Shenxi wins a malicious lawsuit from an international tycoon regarding the infringement of the appearance of the hoist (Section 2) 2021.11/11

The case had entered a white-hot stage of cross-examination, and the location of the cross-examination had been set in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong. We were standing on our own land and defending the rights and interests of the company. After more than two years of responding to the suit, the outcome was in one fell swoop. The samples of the other party's complainted against Shenxi mentioned that the company's products (such as suspended platform, construction hoist, mast climbing work platform and loading platform) had been sold to more than 30 countries and regions, such as the America. However, Manager Qin believed that there are many countries in the America, such as Canada and Mexico, which included South and North America. The sales place in Shenxi’s sample book refered to South America, which was the main market of Shenxi. The other party sued Shenxi Group for selling a set suspended platform to a Mexican customer at the Las Vegas Show in Nevada. Manager Qin defended that it was only a sample of the exhibition, and that it was very troublesome to ship the exhibits back to China after the exhibition. If we left it on the booth, we also needed to pay for garbage disposal. It happened that a Mexican came and wanted the device, so Manager Qin gave it to him. The other party questioned this as a sales behavior. Manager Qin gave an example. If I buy a super supreme pizza, I can't finish it by myself, and I don't want to take it away. Then you came and asked me for this pizza, and I gave you the pizza. Will this be a sales act? The other party questioned whether Manager Qin knew the design process of hoist. Manager Qin was not very clear, but she had heard of it. On this point, the other party questioned whether this product was a self-designed product of Shenxi. Manager Qin said that it existed before she joined the company and that Shenxi owned the patent for hoist.

After a long 7-day cross-examination, the team left Hong Kong and returned to Wuxi (near Shanghai). On the flight on the day of departure, Manager Qin saw a red sun bursting through the clouds through the porthole of the plane. The private enterprise Shenxi Group in Wuxi, had persisted in defending rights for two and a half years, and recently finally won, creating the first classic case of winning an international intellectual property lawsuit in Chian's aerial work machinery industry. On August 12, 2018, General Manager Wu received a call from Lawyer Mei, and Shenxi won. This was a huge success for Shenxi Group. In the past, various competitors unfairly targeted Shenxi Group to prevent the company from selling its high-quality hoists in the market. These competitors will not prevent Shenxi from continuing to design and manufacture better products for the market.

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