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Announcement | Jiangsu Huai’an Fantawild Theme Park Suspended Platform fell, two construction workers died 2021.11/20

The Huai’an Fantawild Theme Park Phase II project located in Hongze District, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province encountered a safety production accident during the construction process on November 12. The crane suspended platform fell off the ground, resulting in the rescue of two construction workers died in the suspended platform.


On the 13th, the Huai'an Housing and Construction Bureau notified the accident. The construction unit and the supervision unit were ordered to stop bidding qualifications in the city for 3 months. After the accident investigation is completed, relevant units and personnel shall be dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations.


The Huai’an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau stated in the “Notice on the Production Safety Accidents of the Second Phase of the Huai’an Fantawild Theme Park Project in Hongze District” on the 13th, around 3:30 pm on November 12, 2021, the hole blocking work site on the external wall of the dormitory building No. 6 in the second phase of Huaian Fangte Theme Park, Hongze District, two construction workers were in the car crane gondola, and the crane gondola fell off and fell to the ground, causing the death of two construction workers after the rescue failed.


There are frequent accidents when cranes are installed with suspended platforms. The safety of high-altitude operations is priority. For high-altitude operations, you must choose professional and safe high-altitude operation equipment for construction. The installation and modification of suspended platforms by cranes is very unsafe, regardless of whether the crane is a well-known brand. However, the added gondola is a product without security, and the most basic safety standards for aerial work equipment cannot be met.


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