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Scissor aerial work platform charging tips 2021.11/23

Scissor aerial work platforms often encounter problems when charging, such as shaking when they are fully charged; the indicator light flashes when they are fully charged, but there is no electricity when they are used; the power indicator on the operating handle flashes when the charging plug is just pulled out. Here are some solutions for you to refer to.

1.    The plug wire is connected incorrectly

Check one by one to confirm whether the neutral wire and live wire of the charging plug are connected incorrectly. If the plug wire is incorrectly connected, the vehicle cannot be powered on normally. It is further necessary to investigate whether the charging cable has been broken due to improper storage of the charging plug. The reasons for these wiring harnesses can be investigated in turn.

2. It can flash but no electricity

There is a charging protection mechanism inside the charger. When the voltage is lower than 180 volts or higher than 240 volts, the indicator light will flash normally and cannot be charged.

Check whether the power cord is too long. If it is too long, it will cause a voltage drop. If the plug is too far away from the charging pile, the voltage will be too low. If the charging pile is far away from the vehicle, be sure to thicken the wire harness of the mobile plug. It is best to keep the charging vehicle close to the charging pile to avoid the charging current and voltage drop, so as to ensure normal charging.


3.    The charger connector is loose

Check the charger connector regularly. Since the scissor aerial work platform is not equipped with shock absorption, long-term walking vibration causes the connection line from the charger to the battery to become loose, blocking normal charging.


After the charging plug is connected, wait for about 30 seconds in front of the charger indicator. When the number on the meter fluctuates regularly, it indicates that the charger is charging normally.

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