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Safety risk management of construction hoist 2021.11/24

The construction industry is booming, and the frequency of use of construction hoists is increasing. However, some construction companies do not pay enough attention to the safe use and safety management of construction hoists, resulting in frequent occurrence of safety accidents. Therefore, this article makes a simple analysis of the implementation of the safety management of hoists, hoping to have a certain reference significance to the safety issues in construction engineering.

There are hidden dangers in installation, disassembly, and extra joints

1. Temporary employment of personnel without professional qualifications for assembly and disassembly operations;

2. Failing to conduct safety education and safety technical clarifications to the operators, and operate in violation of regulations;

3. The construction hoist is put into use without the necessary acceptance and test procedures and without passing the inspection, which is very easy to cause various accidents;

4. The upper and lower limit switches are not installed firmly.


Hidden dangers in construction hoists

1. The overload protector fails;

2. The factory service life of the main components exceeds the allowable life of the whole machine;

3. Common safety hazards in standard section;

4. Floor protection door and loading platform problems.

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