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suspended platform safety lock

Andamios colgantes safety Lock

The safety lock/fall arrest device is an important safety device for suspended platform. It is related to the operators' safety directly. The safety locks produced by Shenxi are reasonable in design and well-made. According to the working principle, LSB30 anti-tilting type safety lock and SL30 centrifugal fall-proof type safety lock are different.

The safety lock will work at following situations:
1.When the working wire rope breaks or the working platform is inclined by 3°~8°, the safety lock can automatically lock the wire rope.
2.When the working wire rope breaks or other reasons cause the working platform to fall rapidly, the safety lock can automatically lock the safety wire rope within 100mm;
3.when the suspended platform hoist or motor fails, the safety wire rope can be manually locked.


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Suspended Platform LSB30 Safety Lock Video: 

Suspended Platform SL30 Safety Lock Video: 

The safety lock will automatically lock the wire rope within 100mm if suspended platform drops due to the breaking of the working wire rope or other reasons. The safety lock can be also manually operated to lock the wire rope when there is a failure on hoist or motor.

suspended platform LSB30 safety lock components

Parameter of safety lock/fall arrest device

suspended platform safety lock parameter

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