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Transport platform

transport platform, material platform

TP series transportation platform1. Introduction:The TP series transportation platform designed and produced by our company is mainly used for the transportation of people and materials inside and outside the building. This type of transportation platform has complete functions, excellent operational efficiency and safety, and is an ideal solution to replace traditional material elevators. At present, our company designs and produces various specifications ranging from 750 kg to 5000 kg, and can also provide customers with customized transportation platform systems for special needs. This kind of transportation platform can best demonstrate its unique advantages in prefabricated buildings.2. Product structure:Our company’s transportation platform consists of the following parts:1-base frame, 2-rail frame, 3-connecting frame, 4-cable bin5-drive system, 6-load platform, 7-electric control system, 8-mast and tie in system, etc.3. Working principle:The worker turns on the bottom power supply, opens the extrance door of the transport platform, and after placing the goods, closes the entrance door, runs the transport platform, and after drive the load platform to the destination floor, opens the exit door, and the staff or goods are transported to floor.4. Main features1- The maximum load capacity can reach 5 tons.2- The frequency conversion control operation is stable and reliable.3- An anti-falling safety device is installed to ensure safe operation.4- Interlocking landing doors can be set to ensure the safety of operation and operation channels.5-Modular design can assemble various size platforms at will, saving design and manufacturing cycle, quickly responding to customer needs, and saving manpower and material resources.6- According to customer needs, an automatic leveling system can be set up for more intelligent control.7-Manual and wireless operation conversion can be realized according to customer needs.

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