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Introduction of mast climbing working platform 2021.12/13

STC mast climbing working platform is the specialized equipment for the construction of building exterior walls. It's suitable for the applications such as the painting, washing, surface tiling, welding steel structure and erecting curtain wall and other outside building wall activities.

1. Basic mode

This equipment has two installation modes which are single mast and twin mast mode. Single mast installed-type construction lift platform, hereinafter referred to as single mast platform; twin mast installed-type construction lift platform, hereinafter referred to as twin mast platform.


2. Equipment characteristics

This equipment can be configured and combined into working platform of different length, width to cater to the vertical surfaces of exterior wall of high buildings and super high skyscrapers. It is also retractable to make up the shape matching with the exterior wall convex and concave contours of the buildings. This will guarantee to meet all the construction needs.

This equipment is easy to manipulate, safe, reliable, and is one indispensable machinery for the exterior vertical wall construction of high and super high facilities.


3. Mast Climbing Work Platforms' Applications

Facade work

Bricklaying Plastering

Balcony work

Window installation Bridge work

4. Advantages of Mast Climbing Work Platform

1) Rapid erection and dismantling

2) Can work up to heights more than 150m

3) Convenient working without obstructions from scaffold tubes or fittings

4) Time and cost savings up to 40%

5) Platform covers can be added for extra comfort

6) The length and width of the platforms can be adapted to different situations.

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