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suspended platform
in China

Material Hoist

a kind of construction hoist, mainly for carrying material

Transport Platform/Man and Material Hoist Introduction:

Shenxi’s Modular system STP Transport Platform and SMH Man and Material Hoist were designed to bring versatility and efficiency to the industry. With relatively few components, it can be configured to create various work platform, transport platforms or a combination of both. The basic components of the modular system include a ground frame, a drive unit and a mast section. With these components, and add-ons such as adaptors, pendeldecks, deck sections and fences, virtually any type of work platform or transport platform can be created. This means greater flexibility and higher utilization for the fleet owner – resulting in significant economic benefits. By having the ability to utilize the same mast simultaneously on a transport platform and a construction hoist – or as a component of a mast climbing work platform – the fleet owner is able to capitalize on savings in terms of mast stock, storage space and installation costs.

Transport Platform/Man and Material Hoist Advantage:

1. The top cover is detachable for easy transportation of ultra-high materials.

2. Two sets of electronic control systems on material hoist: One set of frequency conversion electric control box is installed inside the cage, and another set of control system is connected with the bottom frame. The two sets of control system can facilitate the operation of the worker in the cage or operate at the bottom when transporting materials.

3. In addition to the entrance and exit of the cage, there is an auxiliary door, close to the standard section, to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the standard section, the wall and the resistance box. 

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