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suspended platform
in China

Suspended Platform

Best quality suspended platform supplier in China

Suspended Platform Introduction: ZLP series Temporarily installed suspended access equipment developed and produced by SHENXI Company is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly applied to the external wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multi-storey buildings. It can also be applied to elevator installation, large tanks, bridges, dams and other engineering operations.Suspended platform is a kind of high attitude/high access construction machinery, it has different name in different countries. It is called San treo gondola in Vietnam and called andamios colgantes electricos, plataformas suspendidas in Spanish countries, such as Spain, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and so on. Pls visit Spain content on andamios colgantes at https://www.shenxi.com/product/detail/name/andamioscolgantes

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