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BMU gondola, suspended platform, cradle, window cleaning gondola

SXD-250 BMU Gondola

A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU), also known as a gondola or a suspended platform, is a mechanical equipment used to perform maintenance tasks on high-rise buildings, such as cleaning windows, painting walls, and replacing glass panels. BMUs are commonly used in modern architecture to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of tall, complex, and irregularly shaped buildings.

The BMU gondola, also called a cleaning robot or window cleaning gondola, is typically suspended from a track or cable system located on the roof of a building. The gondola can be maneuvered vertically and horizontally, allowing workers to access different parts of the building façade.

BMU gondolas are particularly useful for high-rise buildings with large and hard-to-reach windows, such as skyscrapers, hotels, hospitals, and corporate offices. They can also be used for cleaning and maintenance tasks on other vertical structures, such as bridges and towers.

Our SXD-250 Gondola is customization options for the window cleaning machine, the standard length between two hanging points is 2m or 2.5m.

Suspended Platform Wire Winder Installation: 

BMU gondola, suspended platform, cradle, window cleaning gondola

Technical Parameters of SXD-250 BMU Gondola

Technical Parameters of SXD-250 BMU Gondola

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