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Mast section

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Mast section

Best quality MC450 MC650 mast section supplier in China, professional manufacturer for MC450 MC650 mast section

Mast section  description :

mast section are prefabricated steel structure units that serve as the main force-bearing components in the assembly and expansion of lifts and lifting platforms to adapt to different height and load requirements. The 450/500/650 single/double rack mast section produced by Shenxi Machinery Co., Ltd. are high-quality products designed to adapt to harshindustrial environments. They can not only improve the stability of these lifts and lifting platforms, but also significantly improve Safety performance, work efficiency, and even the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

Product structure:

Our company's standard section mainly consists of the following parts: 1-standard section structural frame, 2-rack, 3-cylindrical pin, 4-hexagon socket head screw, 5-washer, 6-hex lock nut.

Technical Parameter Table

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