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Mini Constriction Crane

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Construction mini Crane

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Mini Construction Crane Introduction:

Mini construction crane is a very portable, faser to operate, with a 360-degree rotating handle, which solves the problem that the rope is twisted and difficult to rotate when working. There is no doubt that small construction cranes save a lot of manpower and increase the efficiency of lifting, especially for small window areas. 

Mini construction crane is quite safe because their multiple protection systems, such as weight overload protection, current overload protection, voltage drop protection and automatic positioning devices, can effectively prevent left and right movement of the rotating arm, making it safer. In addition, the power unit is optional and can be used in diesel engines, gasoline engines or electric motors. We have developed several mini construction cranes for you according to the requirements of different customers.

Mini construction crane can be used in small window areas, which has changed the shortcomings of previous lifting machines and cannot be used in small windows and narrow spaces. In addition, they avoid the problem that the rotating arm is too short from the window, which is an advantage and difference that other portable cranes do not have.

Mini construction crane is also called mini lift, mini crane, electric mini  lift, small lifting crane, mini portable mobile manual jib crane, davit crane, small mobile cranes hoists, small portable crane, portable  outdoor electric hoist crane, rotatable flexible truck lifting small crane,  car mounted mini crane, mini hoist, outdoor mini crane, portable  floor crane, lifting tool mini crane with hoist, portable lifting crane,  outdoor 360 degree rotation crane, flat land mini floor electric crane, small mini crane for building construction, mini crane machine for construction, truck mounted cranes and small jib crane.

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