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Industrial lift

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Rack and pinion industrial elevator—product applications and features:

Rack and pinion industrial elevators can be widely used in various industries. This type of elevator can help customers better control

monitor and support key processes in the factory. Developed for the harshest environments in the world and able to withstand the most extreme operating conditions, elevators are widely used and acclaimed in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, metals and steel, ports and terminals, cement and power.

This machine can work in the open air in a marine climate environment with an ambient temperature of -20℃--50℃, a relative humidity of 100%, and a maximum wind speed of 25m/s.


The overall structure is compact and easy to maintain.

The car is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

The drive frame and the car frame are connected separately, with small vibration and comfortable ride.

Frequency conversion control, stepless speed change, smooth start and stop.

Rack and pinion industrial elevator—product design features:

The design standards refer to ANSI17.1, GB 26557-2011, GB 7588-2003, etc. Its main functions are:

--Equipped with a national patented progressive anti-fall safety device. The rated load weight and operating speed are within the allowable range;

--Mechanical and electrical safety devices to prevent bottoming and topping;

--car anti-falling device;

--Automatic leveling and electromechanical interlocking devices for car door and landing door;

--Electrical phase-deficient relay;

--The elevator has a load sensing device, which will automatically alarm and suspend operation when overloaded;

--The elevator is equipped with an automatic leveling device when the power is off;

--The elevator is equipped with an emergency call device;

--The elevator is equipped with a ventilation device; --Rack and pinion drive is safer than traction wire drive elevators;

--The car is integrated with stainless steel folding plates, which has strong corrosion resistance;

--The elevator adopts shock-absorbing technology and is as comfortable as a wire rope elevator.

Product Structure:

1.main safety devices:Motor brake

2.Drive unit:Progressive anti-fall safety device

3.Drive part:Bevel gear reducer,Worm gear reducer, Anti-detachment safety hook,Guide roller

4.Guide rail frame (standard section):Standard section specifications: 0.45m*0.45m*1.508m

5.Cable legend device-cable pulley

6.With wall bracket

7.Control system

Technical Parameter Table

Industrial elevator parameter
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