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SY series wind turbine blade replacement work platform;Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades SY series wind turbine blade replacement work platform;Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades

Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades

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Wind Power Suspended Platform

We design the suspended platform on wind turbine blades for your real needs.

Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades Introduction:

Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades is designed to meet the harsh win farm maintenance environment. The platform provide customers with a safe and reliable working environment and tailors the solution for overall blade removal and installation. It meets the needs of blade replacement of existing wind power equipment. 

Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades'Product Structure:

The overall platform is mainly composed of an aluminum alloy platform, traction hoist, fall prevention safety device, erecting work platform, closed left and right moving platform and a top suspension system.

Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades'Working Principles:

personnel carrying installation tools and suspension mechanism , from the inside of the wind turbine tower to nacelle and then to the outside. The suspension mechanism is hung in the designated position, and slowly release the wire rope to the ground. 

The groundwork personnel connect the assembled platform with the 4 wire ropes, and then maintenance personnel enters the platform to start the power supply and operates the platform to the work position. It is necessary to pay attention to the relative position of the platform to avoid collision with the blade.

After the platform reaches the designated position, the left and right sliding platforms are driven to dock, and the work surface is erected, the assembly bolts for blades are removed. After the inspection, press down button to lower the platform and complete a work cycle.

Suspended Platform on Wind Turbine Blades' Future Development And Research Directions:

The work platform provides a safe and efficient maintenance solution for wind turbine blades that need to be replaced. The equipment ensures the safety of the work through the installation of anti-off, anti-fall and other safety devices. The installation time is short, it can be done 3-5 fans in one day. 

Technical Parameter Table


Rated load capacity

Construction workers

Lifting speed

Working height

Platform size (length*width*height)mm

Wire rope structure

Wire rope breaking tension

Rated lifting force of hoist

Motor model



There are only four people









Motor Power

Motor voltage

Motor speed

Electric braking torque

Safety lock model

Safety lock allowable load

Safety lock rope distance

Safety lock rope speed

Platform self-weight











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